Destiny Come!

She was courageous, alright. There was none like her in the land of “Get Out,” but before I tell you about her, let me explain something about the land… A strange name for a country, eh? This name was given to decree the destiny of everyone, prophesying that all will get out of their problems and will be dressed with all “get out” in the end.

The medal of honor shall be given to everyone who fulfills their duty in honoring and loving ALL men, an almost impossible feat, but for the grace of God. Because great tribulation was written in the blueprint of the DNA of the overcomers, these who would rule the world were called “The Noble Ones.”

The land of “Get Out” initially was like a world-wide trash dump which stunk with a smell that made the people nauseous. Because they were born in such a vile place, they learned early that the only way they could survive was to call on the name of the Lord, and call they did.

When they first cried out, angels came and placed butterfly clothespins that on each of their noses and instead of obnoxious odors, the perfume of the angels filled their nostrils. Each time something horrific took place, the butterflies would come alive. The flapping of their wings would stir up the wind of the Spirit with just a small breeze which had tremendous power to push back the enemy’s force.

Who ever heard of such a thing? I’ll tell you who: The Bride! It was her prayers that brought deliverance to the land… It was her imaginative mind that conceived the butterfly clothespins and brought them forth in the spirit realm. Nothing was too hard for this one. Although the land looked like it was in peril all the time, it wasn’t, because the “Family of Nobility” led by its precious bride as their Queen knew the secret: “Not all things are as they seem.” When the secret was remembered, each would have a joyful spirit causing them to dwell in their inner kingdom… the kingdom peace, joy and righteousness of the dove’s reign.

Now let me tell you about noses and about butterflies: In the land of “Get Out,” the most important possession a person had was a nose of discernment. With this kind of nose having the flutterings “of new life” upon it, victory over every injustice and adverse situation could be achieved. Through the expedient operation of the butterflies, deep revelation and understanding of what was of God and not of God could be known along with added wisdom. Only righteous judgment could defend the people and each person in the land of “Get Out” made sure that their butterfly clothespins were securely on.

These butterfly pins could not be seen by the natural eye, only by spiritual ones and all eyes in the land could see clearly except that they were blind to the identity of the one called “Stay In.” The reason he was called this name was that on the day he was supposed to have been born, he stayed inside his mother’s womb and refused to come out. Only through prayers and only through the command of the Spirit could he come forth into the light. The bride was the one who gave the command and because she had great authority, it happened the very moment she made the decree.

None realized that “Stay In” was appointed to be a savior. In later years after his birth, he appeared to be just the opposite, for when the call to come out of Babylon was decreed, he did not get out because he had a mandate to stay in for just a little while.

“All things are yours!” the King of the Universe” thundered, wanting everyone to know it in the deep recesses of their being. His voice was heard all throughout the land, for who can not hear when a king thunders? However, until the truth is realized within, the knowledge can do no good. Everyone born in the land of “Get Out” was to learn the necessity of getting out of their carnal thinking and understand why “Stay In” was called to be among them as a savior.

This one who was weak and little in everyone’s sight and in his own had the heart of the Lord Jesus Christ who went down into hell to save those who were held captive. Every man in the land of “Get Out” initially was a prisoner because of their one-sided Babylonian thinking that had to be gotten out of them by staying in touch with “divine being.” “Being” was intended to be like breathing which they were actually doing much of the time, but didn’t realize it. You see: “Realization” was and is the master key that must be used in every situation and it was “Stay In” who was ordained to bring them into a transforming realization that would change them forever.

“How could that be?” you ask. I’m so glad you did, so I shall tell you: People are only as strong as the weakest person. That weak one is divinely placed by the almighty “King of Kings” to reveal WHO will love and care for him. One’s true destiny begins when this is known.

In the beginning of this story, the bride was portrayed as courageous with none like her in the land. However, she did not appear to be so as she limped along with a very ugly walking stick. That twisted gnarled looking piece of wood seemed so out of place, and everyone who looked at this bride, while drawn by her beauty, was repelled by her limp and by her carrying that ugly stick. “She’s not whole!” they whispered to one another. “No man will want to be her bridegroom,” but what they didn’t realize was that the walking stick was filled with gold which had heavenly properties to do miracles. It was even more potent than Mose’s rod because its powers could touch men’s hearts.

Ah, everything begins in a man’s heart and through this bride not yet joined to her bridegroom, people would learn that when they were weak, they were strong… that the weakest among them was the most valuable of all. That is when EVERYTHING would change.

The day was coming when the bride would no longer limp and her stick would no longer be needed. At the time when everyone embraced and nurtured the weak, the prince would come and all would get out of themselves and stay in Him. No outside power would be needed ever again for the power to do good and bring no harm to any man would reign forever.

Can you hear the trumpet blaring: “God’s kingdom is coming NOW!” You who are hearing its sound: Do you have “getting out” and “staying in” power? If so, the weak are calling you to embrace them: It’s the weak who will reign with mighty power in God’s kingdom.

Yay! You, who are the weak ones, shall be strong!

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