The Awakened One

The ring was on her finger…. God had put it there and no one could remove it, try as they would, because the ring was a part of her. The huge diamond was brilliant, but it was more than a diamond- It was all the jewels as one, yet appearing as a diamond.

As this one would behold it each day, the color of the gem that was needed would shine through… This day the emerald flashed its beautiful hue in S.O.S. code: “Choose life… chose love! People are in trouble and they have need of you,” it beamed.

“Who is this one?” creation wondered. “Who is this woman who is like the sun, bringing warmth to all?”

The voice of the Father thundered and lightning of powerful magnitude flashed as He spoke: “Her name is “The Awakened One,” and she is my “Beloved Daughter.” She has passed the test set before her, but in the eyes of man she has failed it. Behold her: She has tarried long in Babylon’s courts in which everyone has a name… a name either bestowed upon them by man, or a name in their own imagination they believe they are entitled to. In Babylon, they bow down to each other, but it shall not be so in MY day… even THIS day!”

As he uttered these words, a golden chariot appeared from Heaven that had every manner of jewels in its frame…. A burning fire that would never go out was in it. As it slowly descended, “The Awakened One” watched its movement and realized that it was a chariot made specifically for her…. She intuitively knew that the moment she stepped into it, she would become one with it. However, although she passed the test, there was still one more thing she had to do before her transformation into a flaming, cleansing fire could come.

A mouse appeared before her and announced: “I am the way! Will you follow me?” The “Awakened One” shuddered. It didn’t seem possible that she should follow a mouse, but she had learned that her Father’s ways were not her own and that she was to ask the Spirit within her to reveal the Father’s mind concerning every decision she had to make.

The Urim and the Thumin flashed with great intensity causing her heart to beat with the rhythm of the Father’s life. She did not hear the Spirit’s audible voice this time, but the Urim’s light filled her, and yes, she was to learn the way of “the mouse.”

In the King’s daughter’s mind, a mouse was a destructive creature of little worth, but this was to change because “Twinkles” suddenly came into her eyes and she could see through the beautiful sparks of light the same way that the Father sees. He made everything for a good purpose and this little mouse was going to serve her well. It’s name was “Detriment” and when the name was revealed to her, she was stunned. “How can it be?” she thought realizing that the original meaning of “detriment” was “incapacity.” For all her life she had wanted to be a “capable” person and fell far short of it…. especially recently after she had been given a title in the “Kingdom of Gifts and Prestige.”

When “harm and injury,” another meaning of “detriment” came to her mind, like the breaking dawn, the Father appeared and spoke plainly to His daughter: “That which is a loss for you, is gain for the kingdom. My people do not know this. They give mental ascent to the words, but have not embraced them… You are one who not only has embraced the words of life, but have become a “living” example of its truth. You are a shining one inside with wisdom and knowledge way past your years, but the humble clothing I have given to you shall hide what you have from the eyes of men. Only those who look beyond appearances will see the glory that is yours and hence, will be able to obtain the same glory for themselves. You shall be my greatest testimony that “when you are weak you are strong.”

Speaking with great respect for her, the Father gave “Awakened One” two more names called “New Eyes” and “No Name.” He wanted her to know why both names were of infinite value saying: “No man can see where he is going without eyes to see and in the sacred place that I am taking my awakened ones, no one can have a title. They simply will be my “I Am That I Am” people.”

Oh what glory in simply knowing this. Oh what peace!… No more having to be “someone” or “something” in the “New Order Kingdom.” Whew! The weight miraculously lifted off “New Eyes-No Name” in that moment she realized that all she had to do was just “BE”!

She looked lovingly at the little mouse now and asked: “Is there anything more that I can learn from you?”

Pleased that she asked, the little one exclaimed with joy: “Why yes, there is! When you know there’s something to learn and be blessed by through every creature and every circumstance, you will know what it is to be fully alive! Because I am an unclean creature, I can not kiss you who are clean, but know my heart is kissing you…. all creation is kissing you…. even the wicked, for you shall no longer be doing them harm, only good.” When he finished speaking he was whisked away out of her sight.

She looked at her ring through which all the rainbow colors were shining…. Because she and the signet ring of the Father were one, henceforth, she could manifest in any form that was needed.

“Your chariot is ready, beautiful princess daughter. Step into it now: It’s time for you to become the flaming fire that will cleanse the world!” all the Host of Heaven declared in unison.

Are you, who have laid down your great names, ready? Will you rise with her too, and become invisible except to those who are given new eyes to see? If so, hear the seraphim singing:

“Holy, Holy, Holy! The rising of the Holy Ones has come!”

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