A Talking Paperclip

God is speaking: Are we paying attention? Do we know where to look to find Him and for the treasures He has for us? I tell you we don’t have to look far: He places things right before our eyes all the time, like the birds which represent thoughts that suddenly appear at the bird-feeder (the place in the mind where we are fed.) The cardinal is God saying: “If you stop and listen, I have cardinal wisdom for you today. That black crow is warning you to check for negative thoughts and shew them away.

Sometimes when Siri mistypes a sentence or brings in an extra word, you’d be surprised at the message in it for you. Mind you: Siri is far from God, but our Lord works through all things and especially through the hands of the enemy. What?! Yes, check it out: He used Pharaoh to demonstrate His power, Joseph’s brothers to save His people, enemies to chastise and discipline the nation of Israel, Judas, who Jesus called “friend,” to play his important role and the list goes on. God creates peace and He creates evil that works for the good in the end. (Isaiah 45: 7) He’s got a purpose for everything and nothing is wasted or lost in Him.

So there it was on my bathroom floor and I have no idea where that tiny paperclip came from saying: “I’ve got a message for you.” The French word for paperclip is “trombone” TRUMPET. Oh my! God’s “goodness” is bringing forth a message that’s going to tie things together for us. “Clip” comes from an old English word which means “to embrace” and the common style of paperclip today is known as the “gem paperclip.” What a mighty trumpet sound is coming from the paperclip making possible the embracing of God’s precious jewels… even the black coals transformed through much suffering into that which they were not before. A few years ago the Lord spoke these words to me that I have never forgotten: He said: “The “Diamond Church” is not present, but she will be on the next page.” Oh Hallelujah! That tiny paperclip is God shouting “I’ve come to clip on the last page: My jewels are ready!!

The diamond represents “Truth” and those who have held fast to the truth are now being joined together by the paperclip. The epistles read by men compose the Book of Life and whoo whee! The Book of Life is going to be opened after the gems are gathered together serving and loving one another. The full gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in THIS hour and the world will know that the Lord lives in a surrendered people who walk in His love, power and grace.

“Then they that feared the Lord spoke often one to another: and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon his name.

And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make up my JEWELS; and I will spare them, as a man spares his own son that serves him.” Malachi 3: 16-17

I have never been in an organized church where I heard the Lord say: “THIS is where I want you to be.” In the 1980’s He instructed me to “Come out of Babylon! The voice of the bridegroom is not heard in her!” (Rev.: 18: 4) In other words: “You can not know me intimately as long as you stay in the church of MIXTURE.” Yes, God was in Babylon giving His people baby food, but no one can receive the meat of the word in her. The water (word) turned into wine (joy) is reserved for the ones who come into intimate union with Him.

Many of us have been called apart into the wilderness for a long, long time getting the mixture and errors of Babylon’s teachings out of us, dealing with our personal sins and attitudes that defiled us, addressing generational sins, kicking out demons, understanding the devices of the devil and engaging in many fierce battles with the enemy attacking our minds, souls and bodies relentlessly. We have had fellowship with isolated ones, thank God, but our hearts have longed to be JOINED fully to a company of believers: “When brethren dwell together in one mind and in one accord, THERE God commanded the blessing!” (Psalm 133.) I have gone to a few churches after God called me out of Babylon, but only when I was led by the Spirit for a specific service. The sense of “belonging” with any church was always absent and I realize that’s because one can never feel at home in the Harlot Church,… the church that uses people for her own gain.

On Wednesday morning (Oh my gosh! I just noticed that WED is in Wednesday), the first thing I heard was the word “brigade.” It’s etymology is: (v.): “to form or UNITE into a brigade.” (n.): “army unit smaller than a division.”…. a “body of SOLDIERS.” In Israel, one could not be a soldier until the age of 2O, the number that signifies “redemption.” Wednesday was the first day that a small group of us met online to pray. Let it be known that we, the true body of Christ, are a LIVING organism, not a dead organization full of forms and traditions. What a difference!

When I joined this small group about two years ago, I was given a vision of an engagement ring with a diamond in the middle that had empty settings clustered around it with no jewels in them. They were still having to be cut and polished before they could be set, but now they are finally being put into the places designed for them. I believe that not only our group, but brigades all around the world are being formed.

Yesterday I had a vision of myself with a blue graduate’s cap on my head with streamers flowing down from it, and springing out of the palm of my right hand were beautiful, green leaves. The streamers represent free flowing words coming out of the cap of my thinking; blue is the color of heaven and might; the palm represents “victory” coming forth from the hand (work being done) and the leaves symbolize words of life for the healing of the nations. This vision applies to all who have matured and graduated from boot camp, trained to kick the enemy out.

First and foremost, God’s house is “a house of prayer”(Matthew 21: 13)…. THAT’S where the action of God begins. When we came together on Wednesday, it was powerful!… It was joy!… It was heaven on earth! Ya’ gotta know that we were ENGAGED, thanks to a paperclip. Who would ever thought that a paperclip was an embracer of gems WEDding us together?:

ONLY God!!

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