Hey, Hey, HEY!

Hey you who are taking on the nature of God, what name is He giving you today? I can hear some of you saying “I don’t like being addressed as “Hey you!” I admit it doesn’t seem respectful, but when you understand that the sound imparted through the word “hey” has great power, you’ll be shouting “Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s okay!” In the etymology of the word “hey” I discovered one of its meanings to be “a shout of encouragement to hunting dogs”…. Yes, this “hey” shout is to those of us who are like Caleb looking for and grabbing hold of God’s treasures like a hound dog who won’t let go of his bone. The essence of God’s Spirit is in the letter “H” which causes us to have dominion and come into our destinies. It’s what changed Abram into Abraham who became a father of nations and the father of faith, so if you want expansion and if you want great faith, then I say “Hey! Go for it!”

Absolutely everything is more than it seems at first glance. Do you hunt for God’s secrets? Is your mind alert continually expecting to see something you’ve never seen before? If so, you are what God said to become… even a little child who shall have delight and adventure around every corner. Butterflies will be in your tummy and their flutters will have messages for you.

So again, I put the question to you: “What is your name today?” If you don’t know, then ask. God says: “You don’t have because you don’t ask” so ask, ask, ASK! We’ve got a good Papa and He wants to give us even more that we can contain. 

Yesterday the name “Sheenah” was given to me to real-“I”-ze and I am bearing that name. It means “God’s grace,” and what could be better? By Him telling me this name, I became conscious of it, but whether or not we’re aware of it, grace is still there all the time for everyone. Have we comprehended that ALL things are OURS?…. It’s just that they aren’t manifested all at once because there are moments ordained for their appearance. So get ready for your next “hey” moment and pay attention to the names of the people who are in your lives.

I am having a “hey celebration” over the latest person that has come as a revelation to me: When we receive someone and take that person into our hearts, their name/nature is imparted to us. I am almost beside myself as I consider the great things God is going to do with my connection to this one whose name means “open door.”

Truly, an open door is here for the church who walks in brotherly love. Yesterday I heard the word “Let there be light” and after that “courageous” was spoken three times along with a vision of it written in three places in the sky. I believe it means that this quality is being established now, not just in me, but in all who comprise the Philadelphian Church. Immediately following these words, the Lord said that He was in my veins going into my heart and let me know that it was “noon day.” Now is the time He is bringing forth our righteousness as the light and our judgment as the noon day. (Psalm 37: 6)

It’s the ones who walk in brotherly love filled with God’s grace (“Sheenah”) who are part of the Philadelphian Church which has the promise of the door opening up for them that no man can shut. The Lord is their life’s blood and they are the pillars in God’s temple. Their going no more out means that they are firmly established and experience His presence continually: These don’t have to work up something for God to manifest Himself to them or through them because in this new state of being always in the Spirit and no longer out of it, the Word they need is immediately manifested. They bear a new name… a new nature…. HIS nature. Hear it: The Bride (the city called “New Jerusalem”) is being revealed in THIS hour.

Great courage is in the ones who have kept His word and have not denied His name. #3 represents divine completeness, resurrection and perfection and truly, courage is going to be the distinguishing mark and quality of those who are faithful… of those who have gone on into perfection. Tribulation of epic proportions is here in this last day trying the whole world, but those who have been true to Yeshua are being kept from this hour of testing because they have already been tested. They’re not going to deny Him because they’ve kept the Word of God in their hearts.

Can you see their colors? The banner of love they carry testifies that they have all the hues of the rainbow-sevenfold Spirit of God. Bread, wine and honey are theirs to give. Do you know your destiny is like theirs if you say “Yes Lord! Yes, yes, YES. I will do your will!?”

“Will you?” You’ve been called and the choice is yours. If you choose to lay down your life now, it will be raised up in glory. If you do not, you’ll know what it is to weep many tears and be like a dog returned to its vomit. Think not because you have come so far that you will marry the Lamb. Remember the man who came to the wedding without the garment of RIGHTEOUSNESS (Matthew 22: 12)… “Surrender now while you have a chance to give yourself to Him and all that you have. This is the last call! The door shall be shut if you don’t yield to Him now. He loves you and wants you inside the Philadelphian church where it’s safe, but the choice is yours.

To you who are reading this whose bodies are living sacrifices, the Lord is saying: “Storm the gates for those who are in the valley of decision. They won’t come in without your prayers.” I had not intended to write these words but I’ve been constrained to do so. The hour is late! Woe, woe, woe to the ones who shut their ears to the voice of God, but “HEY!”: Blessing, joy and peace to all who are faithful and true.

Doors are opening!

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  1. Reading this, I feel moved by His mercy. I surrender to God and I am renewed. True, many a times we do not receive because we do not ask. We fail to live in expectancy and doubt receiving God’s favours. I continually work on growing my faith, believing even when there’s no evidence because I have doubted before and I now know there is only emptiness in doubt, I have been of feeble faith and I now know that without strong faith there’s only confusion.

    May you and your journey with “open doors” be a Blessed journey.

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    • I think of you being on the stock exchange and trading well getting lots of dividends: When we take stock of ourselves, indeed, we have purchasing power to buy truth’s benefits.

      God delights in your honesty, Kinge, and so do I… Thank you for your encouraging comment and for the joy you bring me.
      Happy and blessed trading,

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