Who Is This One?

She talks too much, I say. She wants to have her way. Who is this one?

“Garrulous” was the first word I heard the Spirit utter this morning, Lord help! I’m convinced that the very thing that irritates us the most is most likely in us. Many times it’s in a different form and for that reason we don’t recognize it, but it is the very thing we do. Tell me: Do you sometimes have loose lips like a boat going too fast headed for relationship shipwreck? Do you know anyone who speaks only God’s words? I can’t say that I do.

The Lord knows the impatience and annoyance I feel when someone prattles on and on in non-stop talk or when I read something that could have been written in three paragraphs instead of ten pages. How is it when we’re rambling, we don’t seem to realize what we’re doing? Do we push down the still small voice in us or are we so far gone into self’s having her way that we don’t even hear it?

It seems that if our mouths go too long of a time with no one to talk to, we’re like wild Mustang coupes with our motor mouthed engines revved up to race when the garage door opens. How is the body of Christ ever going to come together into unity if we don’t know exactly what God wants us to say and when to say it in the most concise way?

Yes, God‘s got his finger on my mouth now and probably on yours, too. Okay, okay! You may be one in 7000 that knows when to keep your mouth shut, but this message is for the rest of us loquacious ones which is a nice way to say “windbags.” The one thing that we can count on is that when the Lord’s finger is on the lips of those of us who want our loose-lips tamed, we can be sure that a deliverance is on its way.

I believe that the biggest miracle you and I shall ever see is lips sealed when they need to be. I have no idea how it can take place, but I do know that God doesn’t begin something that He’s not going to finish. He doesn’t bring to light what’s in our flesh without giving us power to overcome it.

I am decreeing now that “I speak only God’s words!” and yes, I’m proclaiming the same thing for those other motor-mouthed friends of mine and you, too. On the day this manifestation comes to pass, the old heavens and the old earth are going to be rolled up into a scroll. Hallelujah! It’s coming, it’s coming, … glorious lips are coming, but until then the “she that talks too much,” will be with this guy here more than she’d like:

A Repulsive Impulsive Man

My impulse is to say “yes” when I ought to say no; To sit on my behind when it’s for a walk I should go; To reach for the cheesecake, not the veggies or fruit; To shout out my opinions when I ought to stay mute; To angrily complain, instead of being sweetly demure. It’s the other guy who’s wrong and I’m right, for sure. I am inclined to be nosy and give unasked for advice, But you mind your business, or I won’t treat you nice. I’ve taken to liking myself, but not to others too well. If there is something hard to do, I will go into a shell, And if you’re hired to work for me, it’ll be for a dime. Don’t tell me your troubles; you gotta listen to mine. I will do everything tomorrow; I won’t bother today; If I don’t pay attention to it, it just might go away. There’s an urge to criticize that I can’t possibly resist; I have many dos and don’ts for the people on my list. I’m the greatest on earth and in heaven I shall be too; I am so fortunate that I am not like the likes of you. I’m fast to say what I think about on almost everything; It won’t be another’s praises that you’ll hear me sing. Being compelled to talk and gossip, I don’t miss a trick; My dissimulation and slander has made people sick. Can you guess my identity? I’m the one who brings shame. You know me as the flesh. Carnal man is my name.

In the day these tongues of ours became tamed, we’ll have authority to kick that old repulsive, impulsive man out that’s been living in our house all these years. Then we’ll be sitting on the throne with the King of Kings and known throughout His kingdom for our wisdom, love and self-restraint. (Proverbs 16: 20) This one, the Queen of “Timely Words,” will not be hearing her Beloved call her “garrulous,” but instead, she shall be called “Honey”….

even His Honey!”

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