We’re Coming Through

Before I tell you my dream, I want to encourage you to get in touch with yours and then share them. While God doesn’t speak to us through every dream that we have, there are those that can be mystery solvers, whistle blowers and carressers of love to us. Don’t let them pass you by without asking: “What are you saying, Lord?” and then believe that He’ll tell you or send someone to open up its meaning to you For me, the truth and understanding that come from them are invaluable. They clothe my BEing with white garments and cause me to know my Beloved is wrapping His arms around me holding me near to His heart.

Gideon was encouraged to fight and get the victory because God gave a dream to the enemy. Think of it: an enemy’s dream, not his own! Joseph was given a dream not to put away Mary; God saved Jesus by giving a dream that warned his parents to flee at the time Herod killed all the babies; Joseph had a dream that was instrumental in preserving Him, his people and many others during a time of famine; and Daniel too, was preserved by his ability to not only know interpret dreams, but to know what someone else’s dream was. How would you like to have that gift? I’ve asked for it, not just for my own benefit, but so that I can be like the ones before us who had wisdom from dreams that enabled them to destroy strongholds and defeat the plans of Satan. The dream I had last night had me whistling a happy tune and singing: “I’m dreaming of a right hand that will bring destruction to the kingdom of darkness.”

Here’s the dream: I was in a store purchasing two bottles of oil and after the salesman put them in a bag, he went with me to the parking lot where my car was supposed to have been. I could see no car in sight, much less my own,… only dirty snow piled up on all the sides of the store and in other places. I was visibly upset as I frantically looked in every direction hoping to see my car. The salesman told me: “Don’t worry!”

In the next scene I was inside my car and the window on the passenger side was fogged up with writing and scribbled marks made by someone’s finger. They were not however, on the inside but on the outside of the window. Nanci was standing next to the door of the car and I reached into my glove compartment to get a paper towel to give to her to wipe it clean. What I pulled out instead, was a menstrual pad with leaking water drops and a bug came crawling out of it. Yikes! So what does this mean??

I see the purchase of the bottles of oil as my obedience enacted in buying the truth. The Bible says that “God gives the Spirit to those who obey Him.” (Acts 5: 32) The number two signifies the witness that I had done the inward work required to be filled with the Spirit and be God’s mouthpiece. It was IN THE BAG! The car represents my ministry and the parking lot symbolizes where my ministry had been. All the dirty, piled up snow and shoveled out road means that the way had been cleared of everything that needed to be forgiven…. Everything dirty (sins, negative thoughts, gossip, rumors ,wrong judgments, presumptions, etc.) was dealt with and moved aside. The salesman telling me not to worry was letting me know that my ministry was secure and to trust God.

I love that Nancy was the one designated to do the job of wiping away the words and marks of the pointing finger that cloud up the perception of things as they really are. Having Nanci’s name/nature of “graciousness” as our own will cause us to see clearly and become “an overcomer” which is the meaning of her last name.

A glove has an etymology of “palm of the hand” and in my search for added information on the word “compartment,” I discovered that it comes from “to divide.” What this speaks to me is that when we are able to complete the work (hand) of dividing the spirit from the soul, we have “victory” which is the figurative meaning of the word “palm.”

The last part of the dream tells quite a story: It takes a mighty work of God’s Spirit for us to fully realize that “our righteousness is as filthy menstrual rags” (Isaiah 64: 6) and to come the end of all our self-righteousness. When I looked up the etymology of the word “menstrual,” it led me to SEE: “moon” and I reflected on how the moon is not the sun of righteousness, but is the limited light we have when we’re in the darkness. It is important to realize that we are not condemned for being in darkness, just as a woman is not condemned for having a menstrual period. It is a part of our walk in our journey to wholeness. Thank God that the bright day is at hand when we are no longer will be bugged about people and circumstances and leak out thoughts and words about them… when we no longer are affected by someone’s pointing his or her finger at us. The Bible says that life is in the blood and a woman’s menstruation represents the loss of life. Truly, we lose much life when we are in a negative state of being, but the salesman, even God’s Word says: :“Don’t worry! The spirit of the law of life is in action and a CHANGE OF LIFE is coming!” Hallelujah! A NEW powerful ministry of the sevenfold spirit of the LIVING GOD IN US is on the horizon!

We can know of a certainty that the sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings and that there’ll be no more stink bugs and mud bugs,…. ONLY love bugs!

Oh happy “SON DAY” full of sunshine!

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