Stolen Kisses

What could be better than to be with someone whose passion is truth and whose thoughts transcend the mundane? Do you long for kisses of truth and understanding? I can’t live without them. 

Proverbs 24: 26 says “Every man shall kiss his lips that gives a right answer.” Ya gotta have “right answer kisses” like I’ve been getting from a brother that I communicate with online. His kisses are fuel for my heart that cause love and appreciation for Jesus to come on fire. He, Who is the truth, is kissing me through him and through everyone who walks in love and truth.

I named this post “Stolen Kisses” because that’s the word that came when I asked the Lord about my setting up a time for meditation. That strange response perked my ears up like a hunting dog’s when he hears rustling in a bush. I’m thinking I just might be cookin’ something’ in my brain and kissing’ someone now with hot lips after finding my bush’s surprise.

God had hidden a word of revelation just waiting for me to discover it in that bush. I plan to make a bonfire into a blaze of glory with bush firewood and the living word revealed to me. Hear it: “Stolen kisses are always the sweetest!” Yay, anything done on the spur of the moment is always better than something planned out.

You who can hear the rustling sound of God moving in a hidden place, know that you can’t stay in school forever. When graduation day comes, all the elementary principles get thrown into the fire for new beauty to rise out of the ashes of the old.

Were those principles good? Were they of God? Yes, they were, but now you gotta know they were meant only as fuel to cook the meat of God’s word that’s going to be served to the nations. Hebrews 6: 1 says “Leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on into perfection.” Only perfected ones can cook meat well done…. Only perfected ones can be bread and butter for a dying world. All forms have got to go-…meditation, two hours of bible study, seven days of fasting, and everything ritualistic because NOW is the time to BE what’s invested in us. Does that mean we won’t read our Bibles, meditate, pray, fast, cast out demons, heal the sick, and speak in tongues? Of course not! It means we won’t be doing them as rituals and forms anymore.

You who are graduating after years of discipline and study are going to sneak up on people and give them kisses of power LED BY THE SPIRIT… even surprise kisses that will delight the heavy, gloomy, burden down people of this world. I know half of them are wearing masks, so kiss them on the forehead and let them know that they are sealed kisses from the Father. Yes, the words “Come alive!” are coming through our lips of love and fiery hot kisses of truth.

Oh people, delight in our God and in who we are. Be free! Come on now and pucker up BIG TIME! The world is waiting for you to surprise it with stolen kisses!

“Psalms 85:10

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