What Are You Married To?

What or who are you married to? Some of you may be saying “I’m married to a beast!” and you just might be. Alas, far too many are in union with the beast nature within.

Do you realize that people are married to a “what” before they are married to a “who”? By a “what,” I am referring to an “ideal,” a “standard,” an “emotion,” a “spirit,” a “mindset”….even “one’s self.” How much room does that leave for anyone else? Our “whats” are causing us trouble and problems for others and until we are in full union with “The Word,” we are in union with tribulation.

To you are thinking about getting married and to you who already are, I say: “You better be taking a good look at your “whats” and start making some of them “what nots”! I know what I’m talking about: My “whats” just got a whole lot of “knots” in a guy’s belly and a few in my own. His name was “I Didn’t See What Was Coming” and when I got hooked up with him, I had that name, too. I think the whole world’s got it.

I’ve had a few suitors in my lifetime, and even married two of them: If only I knew what I do now, but there’s still hope: The Lord has let me know that I’m going to be married again to one who lives inside of me. His name is “Oki Doki” and I’ve been assured by this One Who knows all, that “Oki Doki” is going to set me straight.

You see, until each of us is married to him, we’re gonna’ be wretched and hard to live with. But first, we gotta‘ see as “Oki Doki” does before we can come into union with him. I’ll tell you now what “Oki” doesn’t see: He doesn’t see the beams in other people’s eyes unless they’re beams of love. He says “Oki Doki” to everything that comes his way asking “What do you want me to know Lord? What do you want to be to me in this situation?” and then he whistles a happy tune because he knows that God is good.

You ask: “How can anybody be that way when there’s wickedness, sickness, fighting, wars and catastrophes of all kinds everywhere? Listen!: Hear the Lord shouting in a very strong voice to every one of us: “Nothing can harm you! I’ve given you power over all the works of the enemy”!

Whose voice will we listen to:-… the voice of another or the voice of God? Do we understand that our Husband wants us to be in union with His thoughts? Yes married to Him and to “Oki Doki” because they’re one. I hear you saying: “But, but but!” and if you keep it up, you are going to have more than your “buts” kicked. This is the time that we must realize that God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and that His ways are not our ways.

Looking from this side of the cross, we have eyes to see that the crucifixion was good, even wonderful. Can you see now that whatever is going on in your life is also good and will be wonderful, too in the final outcome? Are you looking at the end of Job, or are you in self-pity, worry or blaming God for your sorrows, wounds, disappointments and hurts? Quit it if you are! Get your eyes on the superman that’s in you… You, yes you, are in boot camp and your boots will soon be kicking the devil out of your life and out of the lives of others.

It’s time each of us got married to “Oki Doki” and it’s time that we knew that it is well with our souls. I am not singing “I’m getting married in the morning”: I am getting married right now and “Oki” and I are going to kick “buts”… I intend to be making babies with him called “Peace,” “Joy,” and “Righteousness” and am going to have the time of my life doing it! How about you? Are you in for making babies, too? If so, all I can say is:

“Oki Doki”!

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