Our Time Has Come

Last night I dreamt of being in a setting of a small group of people and a beautiful black woman who is a very close and dear friend of mine was talking with a woman seated in a row of connecting chairs. I was standing in front of them, but Nanci did not welcome me into their conversation and I was a little disappointed. I moved on to another place in the room where some other people were talking, but I was not invited to join their conversation either, so I returned to where I had been before and sat down in a solitary chair.

In the next scene I was standing in a different room with several people and Nanci exuberantly came running up to me, wrapped her arms around me in a full, loving embrace and asked me to sing. I was aware that we were in the midst of a crowd, but I sang anyway in beautiful sounding tongues and gave the interpretation along with it. Even though a lot of people surrounded us, they didn’t seem to hear me singing. I believe that was because the song was only for Nanci as the words flowed caressing her: “My bride is coming: She’s all glorious. My bride is coming! She’s YOU!”

Nanci’s name means: “He has favored me,” with “grace” being another meaning that has a spiritual connotation of “gracious.” I believe that this is a word not only for Nanci, but for His other “darlings” who spiritually bear this name…. The crowd does not have ears to hear: Only those do who are black but comely, like my Nanci.

These are a few thoughts about what the dream conveyed to me: A major point is that we must be connected with each other at the right time… The bride becomes ready when she no longer takes rejection personally and knows that her disappointments are appointments. “Both “alone” times and fellowship times are in our destinies and we will be reconnected with those God has ordained for us in the end. Isn’t it wonderful?

I made a recording shortly after being given this dream and tried to capture the melody of the song which was like nothing I’ve ever heard. However, I was unable to do it, but I wrote down the words in it and hope that they will bless you as they did me.

In the middle of my singing in the angelic tongues, the English word “sensuous” stood out like a man with a banner of love in his hand waving it for an airplane’s landing- .. even a signal for God’s winged bride to come into “Holy, HOLY come union!” I don’t think that the dictionary’s prime meaning is what comes to most of our minds when we think of this word which means “relating to the senses rather than the intellect.” Truly, it’s by our spiritual senses that we know and become intimate with the One we love. Our Lord wants us endowed with feeling and passion, desiring Him with every fiber of our being and this kind of pure, holy, and ardent love can only come when we have matured and know who we are.

These are the words in the song which I believe contain a message from our Bridegroom to all of us who are His Bride:

“Do you know how beautiful you are? Do you know your loveliness speaks to me? Your essence is like flowers.

You’ve been crushed I know. You’ve been touched by a hand that is terrible, but you have trusted me. You have come forth in glory…..

Sensuous!!….. I have passion for you, my glorious one. My passion runs deep in my veins. Come to me my darling, come. I join you to me.

You are so tender and gentle now, no longer bitter. You are the one I’ve waited for. You are the one the world waits for, and now I show them “YOU”!

I announce you with my thunder. I announce you with my lightning. I announce you with my glory. Do you know? Do you know?

Do you know my time and yours have come?!”

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