What Are You Beholding?

“Behold”! What a word! To be and to hold: Is there anything better? But the question is: “What or who are we beholding?” Is it the truth? Is it God and all that He is?

The first thing I heard upon rising out of my sleep recently was: “Behold, the bridegroom cometh!” Oh my! Do you know that the root of the Hebrew word CHATHAN translated ”bridegroom” has the meaning “to contract affinity”? “Affinity means you have the same genetic make up, you have the same thoughts, the same ideas, the same emotions, the same actions, even when you are not physically together… The bridegroom agrees, yay, purposes to spiritually bring affinity into the life of His COMPLETED ONE…. The Hebrew word KALLAH (bride) means “the completed one” or “perfected one which reveals the concept of a woman being completed once she is married to her husband.” J. Preston Eby from “Looking For His Appearing.”

Are you looking for this? Are you ready to go “OUT” to meet your bridegroom, not “UP” as tradition has taught? The perfected bride is the female part of you (your soul) who has come out the world, Babylon, idolatry, tradition, selfworks and much more to come into full union with Christ WITHIN. You will not find one scripture that says that we go UP to meet our Lord in His role as bridegroom. How many know that there are many DIFFERENT comings of the Lord?

He comes in the feasts, He comes as the morning star, He comes as the Sun of righteousness, He comes as the rain, He comes with clouds, He comes on a white horse, He comes as a refiner’s fire, He comes in judgment, He comes in a shout, He comes in the voice of the Archangel, He comes in the Trump of God, He comes to receive us onto Himself, He comes to, with, and in His saints, and He comes as a thief. There’s much to be understood about the parousia, apokalupsis, epiphaneia, phanerosis, erchomai and heko comings of our Lord which have all been translated to mean the “second coming” of Christ. They are not all the same, but this writing is not about these comings: It’s about the GREAT “come union”!

For the bride who has made herself ready, she is presently hearing the cry: “Behold the Bridegroom cometh” (Mat. 25: 6) which is not an historic event, but a cry addressing her heart. “The coming of the bridegroom is that revelation of the Christ that causes you to know that you are united to Him; it is the conscious knowledge and the experiential reality.” J. Preston Eby. THIS is the time for those who have been made ready to experience it.

Come Lord Jesus! Come!

The following is an allegory that the Spirit of the Lord timely inspired to go along with this writing. May it bless you.

The Red Rose

The red rose was given to him, but he could not appreciate it because his name was not “Ishi.” It was supposed to be, but he was “Ish” without the true “I” identity. Because he did not realize who he was, the rose meant nothing to him and the one who gave it to him became like a faded rose of no worth in his eyes.

“Ish” loved himself only. His reaching the top of the religious ladder obtaining the admiration and approval of men was all that mattered to him. It was true that when he met “Isha,” his heart was greatly stirred and that he desired her for his own, but his desire was not pure. He wanted the prestige that her lovely gifts and good name would bring him as the husband of such a one, not as a person who would come into union with him. He did not treasure her for herself and did not desire deep intimacy with her because that would mean he would have to be real which was the last thing he wanted to be. He had lived with “Cover-Up,” a deceitful spirit inside of him all his life and he loved her. In his fantasies, he slept with her because she made him feel wonderful, important and so much better than others. He was blinded by this bewitching demon, hopelessly in love with “Cover-Up” and his false self-righteous identity. “Isha” had no chance of becoming a loved wife, just as he could not become a true husband (“Ishi) to her.

Her heart was broken after she realized that “Ish” did not value her or the rose that she gave to him out of a pure heart. It was an eternal rose which had glory properties that would manifest when it was loved… even a living reality that would bring joy to whoever embraced it. Everyone in his or her lifetime would be offered it, but what they would do with it was the question.

For those who received the rose, it would become a part of their being attracting the dew that would come upon the head of the righteous, but for those who rejected this living gift, a tear that would rip their heart and sorrow would be their portion. Alas, “Vanity” and “Cover-Up” would henceforth be inside “Ish” with another added spirit called “Pretense”…. Oh what folly!

“Isha” had truly loved “Ish” because she had been given eyes to see who and what “Ish” could become if he would receive the rose. The Most High God set a time limit on the opportunity of receiving the gift, and if at the end of that time “Pretense” was chosen instead, there would not be a possibility for “Ish” to become “Ishi” anymore.

Can you hear the trumpet blaring its call now to all mankind?: To the ones who reject the rose, woe, woe, and more woes are coming, but to the ones who receive it and to the ones who are the faithful givers of the rose, glory will be theirs in essence form. Who are the ones in white made ready through their patience, endurance, long-suffering, faithfulness, righteousness and purity, like “Isha,” true to their Lord?

You who are the righteous and pure ones…. even His chosen and lovely bride, NOW is the time that you’ve been longing and waiting for:

“Behold! The bridegroom cometh!”

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