The Old Bird Is Gonna’ Change

“Teach me, teach me!“ the old bird cried, but there was no one who could. All the birds were young and they needed to be taught themselves, so what was she to do?

She mourned because she knew that there was so much more to be known, but she didn’t know what it was that she needed. An owl who had been her friend many years didn’t know either. He could see her heart and realized that she was in mourning, but because his wisdom was of the world, he could not help her.

Even the beautiful doves were at a loss, for although they had peace within themselves, they could not give it to her. She had to come to know herself before peace could come…. before the doves could minister to her. They did not have the gift to teach.

A voice thundered in the distance: “Every man shall sit under his own fig tree. There shall be no need to teach each other on the day of transfiguration… Inner knowing shall be the teacher.”

Alas, the old bird had not come into the day of transfiguration yet. She was at the door, but until she knew her true name she could not enter in. Her old name, the name that the devil had given her at birth, was the only one she had…. He had branded her with the name “Sullen” so deep within her, that she was only half conscious that the name had taken over almost all her personality. Her life in the spirit was being overshadowed by the nature of her flesh much of the time and she didn’t realize it.

Her true name was “Cheer”, but she was unable to come forth in “Cheer”’s delight because she had been branded by the devil. There is a difference between being branded and being called. None realized in “The Kingdom of Ignorance” how many had been branded and because of it were unable to come forth in their true natures.

But the old bird was crying out and louder and louder her cry came…. There was a mandate in the “Kingdom of Heaven” that when a cry became at a certain pitch, an angel was to bring forth a laurel branch to the one who cried and upon giving it, the breath of transformation was to be breathed on him or her. Only an angel’s breath could activate it, not words.

And so the “Angel of Restoration” was sent to “Cheer-To-Be.” When she breathed on the old bird, she was no longer a bird and became a glorious living entity and the old heaven and old earth in her passed away… The bells of holiness in her innermost part were activated and she could clearly see the black mark on her soul with the name Satan used to manifest himself through. His days of ruling through her name would be coming to an end because her eyes were being opened. Shortly, when the golden key of knowledge buried in her heart would rise up and be expressed through her mouth, the door of transfiguration would be opened and the black mark would be no more. In a moment and in a twinkling of an eye it would be. Yes, it’s happening even now. Can you see her? She’s you who have been sullen, too. 

“Look up now! Your redemption draweth nigh!!” 

Author’s Note: At first glance this is a simple little writing with not all that much to it, but even with this one, in the end I did an “Aha Yippy Dance.” I do not think out allegories with my reasoning mind: It’s like I’m on a treasure hunt when I’m writing one with the treasure being a new revelation that I didn’t have before writing it.

At the end of this allegory, I questioned God saying: “Lord, I don’t think everyone is sullen. Is this writing really from you?” I felt it was, but I knew that sullen meant “morose, sulky, gloomy, depressed” and I didn’t believe everyone was like that. But when I looked up the etymology of the word, it was dance time. Sullen is “singular” from “lonely” from “single” from “alone, by oneself” from “solitary” to “morose” and yes, yes, yes, we are all like this until our marriage to our bridegroom is consummated. 

What this allegory revealed is that it is not going to be consummated until “inner knowing” leads the way. Did Adam and Eve need to be taught by someone how to come into union with each other? Neither do we!

We “old birds”… “old thinking ones” (birds symbolize thoughts) are going to come into new thinking and our youth is going to be renewed. As a man thinketh, so he is. Man’s wisdom represented by the owl can not bring us to our desired end and neither can words from others. We will remain in the “Kingdom of Ignorance” until we cry out from the depth of our being and new life will not come by might nor by power, but by the Spirit working deep within us.

What added another step to my “Aha Yippie Dance” was understanding what the laurel branch means. As I shared before, when I write an allegory, I have no idea of what I’m writing. It’s not like I think “What kind of branch will this be?” God just puts the words in my mind like He’s dictating them.

The Bible says that God is the vine and we are the branches (John 15: 5) and the kind of branches that we will be one’s of “victory” and “distinction.” I tell you these old birds are gonna’ rest on our laurels in the bridegroom’s chamber! Hallelujah! Yippie! and

Oh cheery day!!

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    • Hi Laurie,
      Thank you for your delightful, uplifting comment. I truly am an “old bird” as my last name “Sperber” is German which means “pigeon-hawk,” so you have to know: I am for the birds!

      Blessings, love, and cheers back to you,


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