Get Ready To Wing It

In the vision, I was scaling a very high mountain and it was tedious. I could see each step I took and finally, about ¾ of the way up, I asked God to help me with the next step. The Lord stood tall as a giant on the side of that mountain and directed me to step out onto the top of His head… I did and was effortlessly brought to the top of the mountain… All glory to the headship of Christ that takes us to where we need to go! This vision reminded me of how when we set out to do His will, we often forget to ask for His guidance for every step.

The word “Candace” came shortly after I had the vision and it means “queen.” Truly, each of us who make up the bride of Christ is destined to sit as a queen on His throne with Him. In a world so evil that it seems only the wicked are reigning, who will be the ones empowered to rule and to bring in His kingdom? Another meaning of “Candace” is “broom” which brings with it the thought that the ones empowered will be those who sweep their houses clean. Only a glorious, spotless temple will be fit for their King and their rulership with Him.

“Candace” is not actually a name, but a title in front of a name. We, who are His bride, can not be a bear this title until we overcome the world, the flesh and the devil, for truly, none of us can take part in ruling the nations until we rule over our own flesh.

About a week ago another word came in the middle of the night that I let sit awhile in my brain. When we ask someone “What’s cookin’?” we want to know what they’re thinking. Well, my brain has been like a crock pot cooking overtime on the word “oar” and the vision that came with it of two huge oars with the one on the right turning into a beautiful, white wing. It’s time now to dish out what’s been in my crock pot as the meat in it is well done and perfectly blended with the other ingredients in it since “Candace” came along. 

An “oar” according to its etymology is “a lever for propelling a boat and the thought of relationSHIPS came to mind with it of how necessary lightness, not heaviness is needed to propel them…. how wings cover the mercy seat and how we all need mercy to be in the oars of our relationships.

Both visions carry the same message that our time of having to work hard using our own strength is coming to an end. The oar on the right side which represents “blessing” is especially noteworthy as I believe that the greatest work of God being done in us is written in Psalm 119:16: “Great peace have they that love thy law, and nothing shall offend them.” Our response to offense determines how things will “fly” or not fly for us, so if we want to ascend, we must bless others, not curse them. I have often been stranded on low ground many times because I didn’t bless people, but thank God mercy and goodness picked me up by their great wings…It’s those wings that are not only carrying us, but are being made a part of us.

Now I’m coming to a most exciting aspect of why I believe that the vision of the giant wing was given to me: I have been crying out to God about how the great commission to save the lost is going to be done since more and more restrictions have been placed upon us by the governments of this world. For those of us who have been shown not to take the vaccination, traveling by airplane may soon be closed to us, but God does have a way and what a WONDERful way it is. Many in the body of Christ have already given testimony that they have been supernaturally transported to other parts of the country and to other nations where they ministered to people and they didn’t need cars, planes or phones to do it. We are going to not only be transfigured shortly, but we are going to be part of the greatest move of all time.

So get your wings ready my brethren: “The Holy Ghost Spirit Airline” is calling you now to fulfill your destinies!

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  1. I wish to book a ticket with Holy Ghost Airlines. Whatever price I have to pay!
    Here I am Lord – use me.


    • Precious comment! It looks like you’ve got the ticket and are on board Jennifer… We’re rising up now… Yes, we are! LOTS of “hallelujahs” here!
      Love and blessings, my dear sister,


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