Something I Never Had

Before going to bed last night I asked the Lord to give me something I’ve never had before and He did.

The Dream: I was with a man and a woman who were ministers and in the first part of the dream we were conversing. The phone rang and I answered it not knowing what I would say when I did.

In the following scene, the ministers talked about a Bible verse and asked me if I was ready to preach it. I told them that I would have to study it.

The three of us were then in a room with a woman who was seated in a chair. Her face was brightly glowing which made me think she knew the Lord, but I realized that she didn’t want any preaching. I don’t know how I knew this. I bent down on my knees, wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly to me. Oh my! When I did this, the presence of the Lord enveloped us in such awesome power and sweetness like I have never experienced before.

At the end of the dream, something was said about ministries and about titles (Reverend, Dr, etc.) and then a voice came from above saying: “Just the foreskin.”

The day before I was given this dream, I had a vision of a huge stone that looked like a milky diamond in my hand. I squeezed it and when I did, the stone turned into a liquid that went through my hand and into all the veins in my body. I remembered that recently the Lord had given me another vision of a rock that had the same appearance, but it was a giant one. He announced “Here! It’s yours!” and threw it to me.

At the time I received the vision with the rock as my own, I thought of the scripture “Upon this rock, I will build my church” (Matthew 16: 18) and remembered how long ago, God revealed to me that the diamond church was not present at that time. He said that she would be “on the next page.” The diamond represents “truth” and the church will be on the next page after truth is written in the innermost parts of the epistles read by men. These epistles are those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of life. Get ready, my brethren: God is going to show the difference between those who serve Him and those who don’t… He’s going to make up His jewels.

I believe that the vision of the rock/jewel in my hand being squeezed represents the truth no longer in a form, but become life. I think of how in order to get juice from an orange, it needs to be squeezed by some pressure on it. Likewise a work of pressure is needed before truth can become love’s essence that will generate the power to produce the fragrance of the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ in us.

What came to my mind when I had the vision of the larger stone was that it represented the rock of our salvation. When we stand on His Word and work out the salvation of our souls with fear and trembling, He, Who is our salvation, becomes ours! Hallelujah!

I believe that the salvation of my soul containing the prize” called “Love” is what I’ve not had before and that the dream is a revelation of this in the making with its manifestation at the door. It shows that the Word needs to be studied and be assimilated, not just for the purpose of preaching the words of the Bible, but to become full of love. We won’t have to know what we’re going to say before we speak then, because after we assimilate the Word, words will flow effortlessly out of us. The world is waiting for us to be the “LIVING Word.” That doesn’t mean that we won’t be preaching words in the Bible: It means that love, which is the essence squeezed from the truth, will be what people experience first and then, words of life will readily come out of us to quench their thirst.

There’s a story many Christians have heard about an apostle (I can’t remember his name), who walked into a train car having the powerful presence of the Lord in him. Just by his appearance, people fell down to the floor crying out: “What must I do to be saved?” It was after that they were taught the words in scripture, and so shall it be with us in this hour. Our shadow will heal the sick and even greater works shall be done by those of us who become love.

The scripture says that if we speak in tongues, have the gift of prophecy and have faith to move mountains, but don’t have love, we are nothing. I say to you that if we have love, we have EVERYTHING. All our titles… all the elementary things we’ve learned… all the glory we have had in the church age are nothing but a foreskin to be cast away.

The Word of God alive in us is going to penetrate into people’s hearts after we’ve been circumcised in our hearts and then, that old foreskin of form will be cast away. Only people who are in love with Jesus and have become love can bring forth life. Only those who have become the “Living Word” have the power to change this world that’s deep in sin and sorrow.

You who have toiled so long: Are You ready to give up your titles, your little kingdoms in which you’re the head, your money, your positions, your possessions, the people God asks you to leave behind and your glory, whatever that is? Indeed, will you come to the end of yourselves? 

If so, when you say: “Let there be LIFE,” it shall be!

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