Don’t Be Fooled

The truth and nothing but the truth! Are we speaking it? Do we even know it? Recently I read some stimulating thoughts on relativism written by someone I respect and admire. Before interacting with him, I had a vision of the two of us as swordsmen fencing artfully with our swords flashing against each other. In the end, we dropped them to the ground and embraced each other with exuberant joy and love. I believe all exchanges should be like this using our swords not to harm, but to bring forth differing ideas with grace. Yes, all differences need to be expressed by erect statesmen/swordsmen who have points on the tips of their swords to etch words into the spirit of the mind.

My fencing point was my belief that while many things are relative, there are “absolutes.” The Bible clearly states that our minds and hearts can be deceived-… that two minds exist – the mind of Christ and the carnal mind which often seems to be the wiser one, but is not. God says that our reasoning mind and the wisdom of men are foolish and I believe that we are in big trouble if “absolute truth” didn’t exist. Perceptions with nothing to back them make a wobbly foundation.

The words of the Bible are deemed as just Christian doctrine and our belief in them as being only our perspective by those who do not have the Holy Spirit in them Who bears witness to the truth…even the quickening power that makes words come alive. Having been an unbeliever until I was 26 years old, I very well know the mind that thinks it’s okay to believe anything you want to believe, but the LIVING ONE Who said “I am the way, the TRUTH and the life” made Himself known to me. I know the truth as do all believers when His anointing comes on words spoken or read.

There’s an anointed word burning hot inside me today that I must speak in order to be true to God and to my calling. Before I bring it forth, I have to ask you: Do you seek God before you make your decisions? Do you try to be fully informed about anything that you put into your body or in your mind? My heart has been crying out because so many of us do not go to the Word of God to confirm what we’ve been told and far too many have placed their trust in others, in tradition, and in our government.

I urge you to consider that right at this moment the borders of America have thousands of immigrants flooding into them who have not been checked for the coronavirus or any other disease for that matter. Do you believe that our government is really concerned about our health and welfare? Why isn’t something being done to keep the virus from being spread by them? Have you seen pictures of them crowded together one on top of the other, not six feet apart as is the standard for Americans? The main news media didn’t take the pictures… Senator Ted Cruz and other senators had to go down there to see what was going on and they faced attempts to block them from taking the pictures that finally did get out. Have you thought at all about WHY this is and why little action has been taken to address this dire situation…. or why the materials to build the wall paid for by taxpayers’ dollars are allowed to sit there collecting dust while wide gaps in the wall could be filled? Don’t they want to protect us? Think about the fact that they built a wall around the capital and protected it with armed forces, but NOT our borders.

We are being asked to take the vaccine for the good of our country and the people, but WHAT is being done for our good? Can you trust a government which is promoting abortions, sending money to other countries to kill their babies before they’re born, even allowing full term babies to be aborted? Are you going to put your trust in an experimental vaccine that has never been tested on animals,… a vaccine that is not FDA approved,… a vaccine that has ingredients in it that have never been in any human before,… a vaccine which pharmaceutical companies have total protection concerning liability if there’s injury? To boot, insurance companies won’t cover any medical problems that result from taking it.

Do you know all this? Do you know that this vaccine is not really a vaccine because a true vaccine will prevent you from getting a disease and this one doesn’t. It’s a medical treatment that will only minimize the effects (just a miniscule amount of them) if you contract the disease. Do you know why it’s called a vaccine and not called what it actually it is?- It’s because the pharmaceutical companies under our law would be LIABLE if it was called a medical treatment. They are only protected if it’s a vaccine. Like with flu shots, you will need to take more and more of them in the future to supposedly be safe and you are still going to have to wear masks and be six feet away from each other. The long term effects are NOT KNOWN. Are you willing to risk your health and lives for THIS?

The government and the media have suppressed and censored the information that warns against this vaccine labeling it as fake news. They have not reported the many deaths and serious adverse effects it has had on people. The photos of people with severe rashes, body jerks that don’t stop, bell’s palsy’s disease are alarming, not to mention heart attacks. As numbers have been skewed, we really have no idea of how many people have suffered and died from the vaccine.

This morning the Holy Spirit gave me a strong witness that the Word of God prophesied in the scripture for the last days is coming to pass NOW…. that a full anti-Christ system is forming speedily and that indeed there has been a conspiracy against the people of the world. I have no doubt the coronavirus is a manmade one that was purposed for our destruction because in the beginning of the outbreak when I knew very little about it, I was given a vision of a laboratory and saw poison being funneled into a rat… a symbolical representation of treachery.

Last week as I was praying I heard the word “sheep for the slaughter” and a vision came of multitudes of God’s sheep headed for a cliff on the top of a mountain, then going over it plunging to their deaths. Many of God’s people, even prominent leaders of the church, have put their faith in this vaccine and told us by doing it we would be fulfilling our role of being good citizens. These leaders are totally blind to the plans to control us, just like the leaders were in Hitler’s day and in the days Israel was headed for destruction because of their sins.

How long will it be before we won’t be able to buy food and goods unless we have proof that we’ve been vaccinated? Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that it can’t happen: Look at how easily the Germans, an intelligent and civilized people, were deceived by Hitler.

The Lord is having me to sound the alarm: Put your trust in His word, not in the government and in this deadly vaccine!!! How many will stop walking in fear and believe God’s word that NO plague shall come near our dwelling? Only fully surrendered lives will be safe in this hour. You who have been asleep to the evil plans of the enemy being enacted now, hear God’s voice warning you and calling you:

“Get committed!” “Get faith!” and “Get safe!”

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  1. Yes Michele
    My spirit is in agreement.
    It is quite amazing that people have listened to the Government and to the Doctors and believe that a so called vaccination (experimental poison) is the answer . God would not impose such a thing on his people.
    “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge “ Hosea 4:6
    Wake up Christians!
    Thank you for your timely message.

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