Just One Look, Just One Word

And then a kiss.

One word from HIM means all the difference in the world. As I write, the lyrics of a song I heard long ago called “HE” comes to mind: “He can turn the tides and calm the angry sea; He alone decides who writes a symphony” and more beautiful refrains, each ending with: “He always says I forgive.” Ah, it’s this One “HE” Who watches over you and me every minute of every day giving us just the right word when we need it.

Do you have an angry sea within you right now? Is the thought of someone who has hurt you like a huge thorn pricking your heart? Oh Shulamite woman, you shall be recompensed for your suffering. Know that whoever hurt you was a divine tool in God’s hand used to perfect you and bring you into your destiny. Call that one “friend” just like Jesus called Judas one, even knowing that he was a “devil.”

Some time ago I wrote a post called “The Final Fire” https://ridetheheavens.com/2020/12/10/the-final-fire/ and as I read it again, the Lord used it to remind me that without the fire, we couldn’t be purified. The refining process continues with flames seemingly seven times hotter to remove all the dross until we are not just 10, 14, 18 or 22 karat gold, but a 24 karat treasure. He takes us from learning the law (10) to the salvation of our spirit (14) to recognizing our bondage (18) to getting delivered from it by light (22) until finally, He makes the faithful and true ones priests of pure gold (24) after the order of the Melchizedek priesthood. It is God’s consuming fire that brings us into perfection, but exactly what is entailed in that perfection? What is involved on our part in becoming pure gold?

I found myself singing: “Holy desire, set my heart on fire!” and afterwards, I heard the Lord call me: “Shulamite Woman.” The name “Shulamite” means “complete”…”peace”…. “to be in covenant with peace”…. When God calls us a name, we can be sure that He’ll work its meaning in us to become it and manifest it.

As I looked to Him wanting to know what His will was for me today, a lovely vision was given to me of Him tenderly kissing my cheeks. Oh my brethren, do you have a longing to hug and kiss a person you love? You just want that one to be with you so you can give them all that’s within you… even envelop him or her with love’s perfume. Is there any smell more beautiful than the fragrance of gentle love? How “HE” desires to embrace us and pour out His pure love on us. Do we know how precious we are to Him? Do we take time to bask in His love? He delights in us and finds us “ravishing.” I’ve never had a man tell me that I was ravishing…. an enigma yes, …. pretty, nice, and one even told me that I was beautiful, but NEVER ravishing!But we can hear the Lord tell us every time we read the Song of Solomon that we’re ravishing and beautiful beyond compare to Him. That’s EACH one of us, but most of us don’t know this because we’re so busy doing His works or letting the cares of this world get our attention.

In the beginning of this writing I asked if you knew what was involved in our coming into perfection: Can you see now that taking time with Him, basking in His love and letting Him do whatever He wills in, to and through you is a major key? I urge you now to sit a while with Him, let Him gaze on your beauty and kiss you with the kisses of His mouth. You won’t know how beautiful you are until you do… until you know like the Apostle John did that you’re “the one Jesus loves!”

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  1. Such a beautiful love letter there never was before. Truly the way HE loves us is beyond compare. Thank you for reminding us that we should never get to busy to feel His presence and anointing in the intimate places of our mind soul, body and spirit daily.


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