Written in the Stars

Andromeda!: She’s there written in the stars plain to all who have eyes to see in the night… to all who know there are treasures in the darkness,… but few do.

We’re called to look up compelled to set our vision higher by an unseen force, even the day star shining within. Her light shines with the message to come forth in wonder and in brilliance, but as our eyes gaze into the higher realms, will we recognize the stars as messengers of truth that will transform our souls?

We have a magnificent banquet of spiritual food in the heavens of our minds, but if we don’t eat, digest and assimilate what’s been prepared, it will do nothing for us. So you who know that there are treasures in the darkness…. even in the darkness of your soul: Do you know who Andromeda is, shining her light on you now?

This morning I heard the word “suture” and my soul’s flashlight lit up in anticipation to search out the glory that God had concealed in this word for me. It’s true that the stars are still in the sky during the day, but they’re hidden from us while the brightness of the sun is shining. They can’t be seen by the naked eye, but for those of us clothed with light, when the revelation that we need comes, it beams like a flash of lightning striking the pupil of our spiritual eye. Instead of destroying us, we can see the stars and the lightning/revelation becomes an integral part of our being because we are light. With holy thunder and shining glory, we can announce the revelation we’ve received throughout the world around us.

The last time “suture” was heard by my listening spirit, I saw myself stitching up a wound, but this time, the wound was not mine, but was one of someone I had hurt. Today it’s my turn: I was given a vision of God’s hand mending a deep wound within me and afterwards, I was impressed to lift up my spiritual eyes to behold “ Andromeda.” She’s portrayed in the stars as a woman (soul) bound in chains and I realized by the Spirit that her chains had left more than a mark on her from having pulled so hard against them. Andromeda in me had been bruised and bleeding, but her message to me and to the tried and tested ones is that we’ve been called to live out the meaning of her name “A ruler of men.” She’s you and she’s me who are “persistent” which is another of her name’s meanings. Oh yes, this one, who is us collectively, is going to break through her chains and be a queen sitting on the throne with Jesus because she has allowed Him to rule in her.

The face of one who had wounded me suddenly appeared just now. If a flashlight could say “Aha!”, mine would have as it shined on what puts us into bondage and has us shackled in chains- It’s negative thoughts and feelings against someone when we remember and experience our pain once more. Yes, I’m very much aware that we’re not to have grudges or resentments, and yes, there I was tempted again UNTIL I saw myself holding a shotgun in my hands firing it four times at a turkey. God is amazing! He broke through my darkened mind like a soaring meteorite as truth blazed forth showing me that my action of shooting the turkey was a picture of my channeling my energy in the wrong way.

After I recognized what took place and took time to repent and pray, our Lord revealed one more step that I needed to take that I hadn’t done before. I had forgiven the one who had hurt me, but I had not forgiven him for the IMPACT that it had had on my life. God revealed this needed step through a “star messenger” who gave her testimony on “Focus on the Family.” That I was led to hear it just now is mind blowing or rather I should say, “mind saving” along with “heart and soul saving.” I experienced the presence of God when I took this last step of addressing the impact of not only his wrong, but of everyone else’s sins that had effected my life. Whew! It was more than a house cleaning… It was like being given a new house in a new state in a new world. Truly “unforgiveness” is like an octopus down in the depths of our being and one by one, its tentacles have to be removed. You who haven’t taken this last step yet, get your flashlight out now and shine it on the enemy: See your spirit man with a sword in one of his hands, a firm grip on that octopus with the other one and defeat what has had you in chains.

Because it’s written in the stars and because God is in the “Forgiveness and Suture Business,” we’ll be killing octopuses now, NOT turkeys. Hallelujah!

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