Whose Thoughts Are You Thinking?

When we are curious about what’s going on in people’s minds, we ask them: “What are you thinking?” We say: “What ARE you thinking?” when we believe they’re thinking crazy thoughts, but now. I’m asking you “WHOSE thoughts are you thinking?” A study done by psychologists at Queen’s University in Kinston, Ontario suggests that the average person has 6,000 thoughts a day and I wonder how many of them are from God? There’s a likelihood we haven’t recognized a lot of them, and probably not most of the ones from the devil. Concerning the latter, I want to point out that most of us would not have thought that the words Peter spoke to Jesus were words of the devil. When our Savior told the disciples that He was going to suffer many things at the hands of the elders, chief priests and teachers of the law and was going to be killed, it was impetuous Peter who rebuked Him saying: “Far be it from you Lord.” Jesus’ response to him shows how we can recognize that same one in our minds who wants to thwart the plan of God in our lives. Although the words came out of Peter’s mouth, Jesus strongly and unequivocally addressed Satan who was speaking through him saying: “You treasure the things that are of men!”

So let’s take inventory on the things we treasure to discover just who is talking to us in our minds and through the voice of the world. Are we like the Apostle Paul who treasured the cross and said “I wish to know only Jesus and Him crucified” or are our thoughts and desires occupied with how to better ourselves, not for His sake, but to impress others? Are we pursuing riches to glory in them? Are we desiring and idolizing a man, a woman, a position or power? Are we focusing on GETTING things to lavish things on ourselves, not on others? And the list goes on, but the Word of God says that if we hunger after righteousness, we shall be filled!

I think of Jacob of old wrestling with an angel all night until he obtained the blessing… until he knew what his name/nature was-… even “a supplanter” being one who rules his life, instead of God. Who and what are ruling us? God says “My thoughts are NOT your thoughts! My ways are NOT your ways.” Ah, we are going to have to wrestle with ALL our might to know whose thoughts we’re thinking, and if we press through to know the truth, we will be like Jacob who had a name/nature change. We will then be the ones who rule with God (ISRAEL)! That little strip of land in the far middle east is only a type and shadow of what we are in the body of Christ.

Do you fully recognize whose thoughts you’re thinking? Are you contemplating something grandiose for yourself or are you occupying your mind with thoughts in pursuit of how to serve God and men… of how to love and walk in peace and faith…. of how to become transformed into the image of Christ? The Bible states that the knowledge of the truth is what can set us free, but this can only happen if we recognize the One Who IS the truth speaking in our minds.

When my son was a young child and heard me praying in the supernatural gift of tongues, the Holy spirit gave Him the interpretation of three of the words I spoke and what wonderful words they were and are: “JESUS IS COMING!”

Back then, I thought it meant that Jesus was going to soon come bursting through the sky, but that was not its meaning. Our Lord said: “I am the way, the truth and the life. The same words I spoke in that unknown language have been in my tongues many, many times over the years and each time I hear them, I realize more and more that “the way, the truth and the life” is coming IN ME …in US…in ISRAEL (HIS people) who rule with Him. 

His coming in us is a process at the end of which we shall know the truth, even His thoughts, His ways, and His life. His presence will not only be manifested to us, but gloriously through us. The whole world is waiting for HIM, God HIMSELF, to be revealed IN a people who have entered His kingdom WITHIN which is peace, joy, and righteousness in the Holy Ghost.

So tell me: Are you entering into that blessed state of being now? Do you know HIS voice talking to you and through you?

If you do, KNOW that the world is waiting for YOU! Jesus is coming!!

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