Smidgens and Holy Desire

Do you know that your crumbs could make a feast for some hungry soul? Our Lord commended the Canaanite woman who realized that the Lord’s crumbs had greatness in them. One of your smidgen crumbs could have blessing and curative power in them for someone today too, so don’t hold back. Remember that the Word of the Lord urges us not to despise the day of small things.

So now in listening to my own word of instruction, I’m going to give you my smidgen crumbs that are not for pigeons, but for you who are doves. Yes, I believe that my crumbs combined with yours could be used to make a shepherd’s pie for champions. I’m hoping that you’ll like my “Smidgen-fixins” and that they’ll fix you right up with protein power, even God energy.

Today I found myself singing “Caleb-sire, my desire.” I wonder how many of us realize that our will is the only thing that we can give God and that what is behind our will is our desire. Do we recognize how powerful desire is? Jezebel’s desire to have Naboth’s vineyard was so intense that she was willing to kill for it…. Tell me: What are your desires and what are you willing to do for them?

In the “Letter to Aristeas” recorded in “The Forgotten Books of Eden,” the King asked Aristeas: “What is the highest form of government?” and his reply was: “To rule oneself and not to be carried away by impulses.” Later the King asked him another question: “Why is it that the majority of men never become virtuous?” and Aristeas gave the response that it was “because all men are by nature intemperate and inclined to pleasure.” Chapter 10: 4,5

Recently, a vision came in which I was holding a spider and a mouse in my hand. It gave me insight to know that power was in my grasp to deal with what the spider and mouse spiritually represent, and faith came with it to overcome them. Both of these creatures have the same root meaning and a long time ago I was shown that they have to do with the “id,” the part of the psyche which is dominated by the pleasure principle. Truly desire is the driving force behind all human action. It’s unholy desire that can get us tangled up in a web and that can destroy our lives, but Hallelujah, we have been given power by God to rule over our desires. It’s in our hand to do something about them and it’s through having a spirit like Caleb’s that we can get the victory.

Remember that it was Caleb and Joshua who conquered the giants in the promised land because they knew that they were bread for them. We are facing major giants today in and in order to be victorious, we must be faithful, brave and bold, too. His name literally means “dog like” and how we need to be faithful having unconditional devotion to our Master, just as the dog exemplifies. Caleb in Hebrew is a compound word “Kaf + Lamed” which means “whole hearted.” Truly to be wholehearted in whatever we do is one of the most desirable of all qualities to possess.

When I discovered that Caleb ben Jephunneh” is interpreted to mean “he spoke what he felt what was in his heart,” I did a smidgen-hop and shouted for joy. Our God is in our mouths and when our desire is wholeheartedly for Him to be “our Lord” (the meaning of the word “sire,”) the words that come forth from our mouths will effortlessly be HIS. We won’t have to be afraid of what we’ll say.

The Bible tells us that the tongue is like the rudder of a ship and I believe that desire is like a pushROD attached to the rudder… Desire is connected to EVERY relationSHIP. When we each in the body of Christ have Caleb-sire desire” and when we let God rule, our ship will be coming in and we’ll be fellowSHiPping and worSHIPping together in love and unity.

What can I say now but “Ship Ahoy!” and “God bless smidgens”!

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  1. Good beautiful morning! What wonderful inspiration this morning. For for thought and to think on and ponder is such a blessing! ❤️


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