The Mystery of the Thorn

This morning I had a vision of gloriously arrayed priests carrying crosses, but then they turned them upside down and buried them in the ground. This vision came after the Lord told me that what He was looking for in His people was “truth in their innermost parts.”

We, who are His priests, love to feel His presence as He adorns us with Himself and inhabits our praises when we pray and worship Him. The question is: “What do we do with the glory?” The beautiful attire on these priests convey that they possessed it in outer form. These indeed were His, but we can belong to God and not do what He tells us. Our Lord’s commandments are to love Him and to love one another with the stipulation that if we love Him, we will obey Him. Oh my brethren, how many know that the cross is the heart of obedience? How many will be like these priests who look like they are following our Lord, but are not?

Truly, the cross has a price and that cost is our lives with all its desires laid down. Who will pay it? Whose (spirit) candles will search out the innermost parts which will reveal all of self’s interests and motives? Truly, no man can know his heart unless he’s willing to let God show him… unless he’s willing to let “the thorn” do its work.

The following allegory was given to me a few days ago and I have been pondering it in obedience to God’s call to seek to understand its full meaning since then. I pray that eye-salve will be placed on your eyes as you seek Him too, for further enlightenment.

The Mystery of the Thorn

How could “Innocent” know that “Cheater” was sent to her with a purpose… even a holy purpose? He called himself “True Lover”, but he was far from that. His mother “Idolator” nicknamed him “Cheater” when he was a little boy taking away what didn’t belong to him from his sister. This foolish mother thought it was cute to call him that name not realizing he would become what she had called him on a grander scale. She didn’t know that every name had in it the propensity to be lived out.

“Idolator” truly lived out hers for she had many gods although she did not know it. She believed “Jesus” was her only god, but she bowed down to the gods of “Pride”, “Religion” and “Heresy”. and also made her children into gods, but did not bow down to them. She ruled them and others through manipulation, witchcraft and lies. Her family name “Confusion” was well known in the town of “Double-Mindedness”, which had great poverty, divorce and hypocrisy increasing more and more in it every day.

“Innocent” was completely unaware of “Cheater”’s background and because she was raised in the land of “Naivety”, she had no reference for knowing what kind of a person he was. She took him at his word believing that he was a true and faithful lover.

In the beginning of their relationship, he was the perfect gentleman, loving and kind. When he called her “The Beautiful One”, her heart melted and for the first time in her life, she felt she was beautiful and came to love him with a passion she had never known before. How could she know he had come to rob her soul? She did know down deep inside, but she dismissed the intuitive voice thinking it was the devil’s.

The Most High God always gives truth in a nudge, a word, a vision, a sign, a dream and more to His own, often in a covered form like a seed in the ground that comes forth in due time. “Innocent” was initially given a vision by Him in which she had a gold crown upon her head with the untrue one reaching out with his hand to get it. “Innocent” firmly shouted: “I won’t let you take my crown!” One would think that this telling vision would be enough to make her flee away, but it wasn’t because “Innocent” was blinded by his charm and the passion that had grown strong in her for him. She was convinced that he was her true love and continued on in her relationship with him.

It wasn’t long before “Cheater” started to mistreat her giving her less and less of his time. After “Innocent”’s heart had been broken many times, the truth at last became apparent to her when she caught him in a lie. It was like a giant hailstone hit her in the head when she saw him as he was-… a Casanova who had come to steal more than her heart.

“Why? Why did you let this happen?” she cried to God who had had his eye on her from the beginning. “Innocent” knew that all things do work for the good of those who fully love Him, so her cry was not out of distrust, but out of pain. The time had finally come that this broken one was ready to give up “Cheater” and live solely for the only true one there is- the Lord Jesus Christ. She had been ordained to go through testing and trial so that her heart could be made known: “Who would she serve? Who would she choose?” The pain and tribulation had been necessary in order for the exposure and removal of tares could take place.

Another enlightening vision was given to this hurting one of her heart which had been washed clean, but a small thorn had started to protrude out from the inner edge. Upon the giving of it, the Lord’s voice thundered: “I am revealing the mother’s idolatry to every one of my children… It is the curse of idolatry that has brought you pain. Know that it is the same curse which came upon Eve, and you shall shortly be delivered of it as you seek to know the mystery of “the thorn”. I shall reveal it to you and to all who seek diligently, so come now:


This author’s thoughts: The Apostle Paul was given a thorn in his flesh for a higher purpose and I believe that this is also true for those of us who have a thorn in our hearts. The main teaching in the Book of Ecclesiastes is that ALL is vexation of spirit and vanity, even the pride of life and idolatry. Yes, I’ve read this book many times and I know every word of it is true, but there’s a difference between knowing something in the mind and knowing it experientially. We have no problem recognizing the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh when they come, but pride is a hidden and very deep evil within and few realize how much pride they have. The Apostle Paul’s thorn, whatever that messenger of Satan was, kept him from walking in pride. He was a man that gloried in all his infirmities and troubles because he knew that they were being used to work out so great a salvation. What about us? Are we glorying in ours? Are we thankful for the thorn’s prick that deals with our pride, idolatry and more?

“The Mystery of the Thorn” is an allegorical story about the innocent soul in us being tempted by “another spirit”. It was God who put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden knowing that when our mother Eve ate of it, she would know the curse and experience the prick of the “thorn”. The crown of thorns was put on our Lord’s head in His final hours and so shall it be for us, too as we follow in His footsteps. In the story, “Innocent” (the soul) told “Cheater” that she wouldn’t let him take her crown. Can you hear Peter saying to Jesus: “Far be it from you Lord!” just like so many voices are telling us today? “Cheater” is a representative of the spirit who would rob us of our salvation like the devil attempted to do to Jesus. Those who treasure the things of men and know not the ways of God say that we don’t have to suffer, but not so. The salvation of our souls can only come through suffering.

I know there is more concerning the thorn and the mother that is to be revealed to us and I believe that our Lord’s words to His mother at the wedding feast has a major key of knowledge in them for us: “What have I to do with you?” He asked her and THAT is the same question put today to those of us who are called into the Melchizedek priesthood who are becoming unfathered (alpha-fathered) and unmothered (alpha-mothered). Know that when the “alpha” is placed in front of a word, it negates it. “Unmothered, as wrongly translated, does not mean that we never had a mother. It means that through the ALPHA, we will no longer bear the effects of the curse that came with our genetic makeup.

Yes, Yeshua, the Alpha and the Omega” accomplished it all on the cross for us, but we have to appropriate it as we gradually work out the salvation of our souls. For some of us this process is in its final stages leading to the transformation which is also called the transfiguration. Just as the caterpillar loses all its genetics when it becomes a butterfly, our alpha-fathering and alpha-mothering will mean the change of our genes. So get ready: Say to your mother (the former level of yourself that the Lord calls “woman”): “What have I to do with you!”

YOU who are His Beloved cross bearers to the end are about to be “alpha-mothered”!

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  1. Michele, I saw myself so much in “Innocent” with a heart battered and torn.

    Our God is so Good to show us His love for us, and to help us understand the role suffering plays in our transformation. God bless you!


  2. My goodness my friend. The presence of the Lord Jesus is all through this writing. THIS IS REAL!!!! Praise Jesus almighty 🙌 🙌 🙌 ❤️


  3. This article is rich in essential information. I learn a lot from your articles. True,we have to be renewed to enter the Kingdom of God. We also need to understand the meaning of the cross anew.


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