What’s In Your Name

Every name is more important than we realize. In our generation most parents do not choose names for their children with their destinies in mind, but the One Who inspires them does.

If for some reason the name of someone needs to be changed as in the case of Paul who was once known as Saul, our Lord will reveal it, but for most of us we are intended to have and live out the meaning of our names. Many people have told me that they were named after a movie star and yes, God was in that name as well as in others that were chosen because we just liked the sound of it or for any other reason.

It wasn’t until my grandson Carter was born that names sparked my attention. He was expected to come into this world through an induced birth and while I was driving to be there a day ahead of the time it was scheduled, I had a vision of my daughter in full labor. A moment later, I heard the name “Carter Elliot” come in a booming voice and there was NO ONE in my car. Shortly afterwards I received a phone call and learned that Carter was already born and that his middle name was my daughter’s maiden name, not “Elliot.”

When I told my family that I heard the name “Carter Elliot”, both my daughter Kelly and her husband loved it and knew it wasn’t my idea as Elliot had been in a list Kelly of perspective names she had shown me and I didn’t select it. God did and so now we have another Elijah in the making and I realized through God’s naming my grandson in this manner, that every one of our names is important.

I haven’t found one person yet who is not interested in his/her name and I’ve used this story many times as an opening to talk about God telling people that He knew them from the time they were in their mother’s wombs and that He has a planned destiny for them.

Everyone has a part,… even a divine role to play out and all are needed. I love the scripture that says we’re a body with every member being necessary for it to function well. 1 Corinthians 12: 18. “The Mighty Hand of God” is a ministry online that has a cell group that I’m a part of called “The Pod” and when I joined this small group a couple of years ago, I was given a vision of a ring with one jewel in it’s center. It had empty settings for other stones all around it, but those jewels were not yet in place. A scripture in Malachi 3: 16, 17 came to mind that let me know that the jewels would be set in the ring at a time appointed:

“Then they that feared the Lord spoke often one to another: and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon His name. And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of hosts, IN THAT DAY when I make up my JEWELS and I will spare them, as a man spares his own son that serves him.”

Today my daughter shared a touching story that I feel is so fitting to include in this writing. I believe that we will be “SET” in the ring and in the right position to win the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus when we have the same heart as the precious young man in this story:


I want to reiterate the words of the writer with my “Amen” added to it: “In this year, I want everyone of us to win; Let’s push one another to the finishing line. We all deserve victory.”

Ivan Fernandez has a name that will be remembered not only here on earth, but in Heaven. You have a name too, that God wants to honor, so know that when you are asked your name, you will be voicing more than a sound: Your essence will be coming through it and if you are like this young man,… if the jewel that you are is cut, polished and positioned in place, your name will be likened to a star sapphire in God’s signet ring.

His stamp of approval shall be yours and you’ll be “set” forever!

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