The Two Shall Be One

The name God gave me today was “Horace.” Yes, God gives masculine names to His daughters to signify the character essence He wants to bring forth in and through their inner man. It’s exciting to know that God is revealing Himself, trait by trait and glory by glory, to us and through us.

Years ago I was persecuted for saying that God was both male and female and that WITHIN we are too, having a female soul and a male spirit. When God made Adam in His image, Eve was hidden inside of him… Yes, Adam was originally both male and female made in the likeness and image of God. Likewise, the female part of us is the “bride” (the soul) and the male part is the “son,” (the spirit). The whole world is moaning and groaning waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God…. waiting for the male spirit in us to be fully developed and in union with the soul.

In the day we’re living in, Satan has openly taken the “righteous real” and perverted it… Transgender, homosexual and lesbian life styles are the counterfeit, grotesque, decadent, perversions of the truth. In God, we have both the nature of the male and female uncorrupted.

I called out to our Father for a confirmation of this revelation after I was publicly ex-communicated from a church for stating my belief that our God is both male and female. The One Who is “The Truth” comforted me giving me confirmation that I was not in error through a word in the Book of Revelation: “And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like onto the son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the “PAPS” with a golden girdle.” Rev. 1:13

The Greek word “mastos” in Strong’s #3148 that was translated as “paps” is the same word found in Luke 11: 27 that states: “Blessed is the womb by that bare you and the “paps” which you have sucked.” “Paps” is only found in three verses in the Bible with the third one located in Luke 23: 29: “…Blessed are the barren and the wombs that never bare, and the “paps” which never gave suck.” Two or three witnesses are required to establish the truth and blessed be our faithful God Who gave them to me. Yes! Yes! Yes, He has figurative breasts! He is the One who gives us the milk of His Word and has a metaphorical womb which births us out of His very being. Hallelujah that females are not left out, but exemplify half of His nature. I want you to know I call Him “Pappy” now with delight, and definitely do NOT call Him “Mother God” as some heretics do. God is to be called “Father God”, not “Mother God,” just like when a woman marries a man, she loses her name and takes on her husband’s name. A married woman’s name is still retained, but HIDDEN as the middle name, just as Eve was hidden in Adam, but was still there. I feel to emphasize once more that our God is both male and female figuratively, NOT literally.

This is the hour in which the UNION of our soul and spirit is taking place… even “THE MARRIAGE OF THE LAMB” WITHIN. The Bride will soon be revealed coming forth from the Spirit realm to be manifested on earth for all eyes to see her beauty and glory. There are only a few more finishing touches to be made and then that glorious day shall appear.

Long ago the Lord revealed to me that this longed-for day would come after the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life were overcome by us…. We will manifest as “The Day” (the Light), even the Daystar risen, when we have a BALANCED nature knowing when the soft, merciful and nurturing female characteristics are to come forth and when the male traits of power, authority and judgments are to manifest, as well as other strengths and attributes. Indeed, there is a difference between the male and the female which Satan and the world are fervently trying to obscure, even obliterate.

God took Eve out of Adam to reveal and distinguish the difference between the male and female… This is a type and shadow of the Body of Christ who comes out of Jesus and it is MARRIAGE (the union of one mind, heart and spirit) which will bring them together! Know it! Believe it!: WHOLENESS is at the door for the TWO shall be ONE!

I want to share now what God conveyed to me by calling me “Horace” this morning. The name inherently means “time keeper” with a spiritual connotation of “efficient” which I am purposed to be through grace. Ephesians 5: 15,16

So you now who are being given new names as well: “What is God calling YOU today?

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