Legion Has To GO

Earlier this morning I posted an audio message in which I mentioned a young 18 year old boy who had tried to commit suicide. https://ridetheheavens.com/2021/03/10/heralding-an-omelette/

I would have liked to have immediately cast the devils out of Robert (not his real name), but God has to do a work in his mother as well as in him which I believe is going to be a great one. Nature illustrates that it takes time for a seed to grow and the Bible teaches us this as well in the principles of sowing and reaping. The following vision came for this mother who has been crying out from the depth of her being for help for her son: I saw a sword on the ground and she was saying: “I don’t know how to use it.” This is the message God had me to give her as a result of my being given this vision which I hope will edify, bless and strengthen you as well:

Many Christians have not considered all that’s involved in order for the Word of God (the sword) to bring forth results in our lives. We are to know what the Bible says and to believe it, but in order for God’s power to be released, it must come out of our mouths: That’s where God is- IN our mouths. Everything that exists came from God SAYING: “Let there be…..!” and we, His children must do the same thing.

That the sword was on the ground in the vision means it was in a state of inactivity, but you are being called now to pick it up and use it in power. Before you can do this, you must pray to know what the will of God is, have the scripture solidly in your heart, believe it without wavering and then, there’s a final step that many of us haven’t been doing… I didn’t realize until later years in my Christian walk that we must DECREE the word that applies to the situation in which it’s needed. God puts His desire in us which becomes our desire and it is after that that we can obtain faith’s end. (Psalm 37: 4) We must SAY to our mountains (problems that are huge) to be removed and if we don’t, they won’t budge. Worshipping, praising, thanking and delighting ourselves in Him seal our prayers and decrees and are what brings joy and peace BEFORE we see the manifestation of the things we’ve called for. Our answers to our prayers come after we call forth the things that are not as though they were, just like our Father God did when He made Abraham a father of many nations. Romans 4:17 

We are to call upon our Lord as Robert’s DELIVERER and SAVIOR with faith that works by love. Jesus came to set the captives free so call Robert FREE by faith with me! Call him a MIGHTY MAN of God, fearless in the sight of the enemy and no longer look at him in the natural, but instead, see him firmly in the spirit changed to be a vessel of honor and glory.

Revelation 12: 11 states that the victory over the devil comes through the blood of the Lamb, by the word of our testimony, and that we love not our lives unto death:… This means that we must abide in Him and have totally surrendered lives. While it is true that God is merciful and does answer some of our prayers even when we’re not fully committed to Him, the power to deal with the devil and strong demons requires us to be yielded to our Lord. 

You were shown by the picture Robert drew that some strong demons are in his life. I think you’ve probably tried to reach him with reason, but the reasoning mind has no effect on demons. “Behind the scenes warfare in the Spirit” is what is going to be needed in order for Robert’s deliverance to take place. THIS is the time for you to learn how to do that warfare, not only for him but for your own life… AND for the world. The whole world is moaning and groaning WAITING for us in the body of Christ to reach the full measure of the stature of Christ and do the works He did and even greater ones. We must learn WELL His thoughts and ways to do this. 

I had a vision of a cobra (hooded) snake wrapped  around Robert all the way up to his neck…That demon snake is more than anything after his neck (his will). You must stand in the gap for him along with those called to support you in prayer, fellowship and love. This is a fierce battle that you’re facing, precious daughter of God. Only God and submitted lives to Him can help your son because in the state he is in, he can’t help himself. 

I’m asking all of you who have read this post to pray for this young man who desperately needs you to reach out to him via prayers and faith. The Spirit of God just witnessed to me that he has a legion of demons inside him which are under the cobra serpent’s authority. Legion must go!

Will you pray and believe with me for him?

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