Called To Beget

When I had the thought this morning “What are you after God?”, the word “Caleb-sire” came to my mind. Then when I prayed, I heard words in tongues that have the interpretation: “Jesus is coming”…. Yes, the way, the truth, and the life is coming to be established IN US!

The inherent meaning of Caleb is “faithful” having a spiritual connotation of “great spiritual potential.” What I believe God is conveying through the word ‘Caleb-sire” is that His desire is to have spiritual FATHERS like Caleb in His kingdom :…. those who will train up God’s people to be faithful,… those who have their spiritual senses exercised to discern good and evil able to give strong meat to God’s people,… those who have the fragrance of the knowledge of Jesus Christ,…. those who not only have faith, but have the kind of faith that works by love…and finally those who are “Begetters” … Yay! those who are like Abraham, even fathers of nations that will beget faithful ones of great spiritual potential.

Think of it: Sarah called Abraham “Lord” and Jesus is called “Lord of LORDS.” Indeed, there are to be many lords (sires) in the kingdom. Is there enough of God’s spirit shining through you that people see THE LORD in you? You, who are husbands: Have you given your wives reason to call you “Lord”?

Just as Abraham was called the father of faith, Caleb and Paul are prime examples of what God wants to work in the sons of God. The Apostle Paul tells us sadly that we don’t have many fathers. 

I know personally of the great loss and damage that’s done to a child who’s been abused and abandoned by a father and I say to all of you in the body of Christ: YOU are the only hope of healing and restoration for such. You must sire them in the spirit. Their potential to achieve on many levels has been stripped from them because they never had the blessing given by a father. YOU have that blessing to give them now. YOU are the Elijahs who will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers.

After I was filled with the Holy Spirit, my neighbor who was a Christian-Jew became like a father to me. I shall never forget the first prophecy that he gave me through tongues and interpretation: The words: “MY daughter….!” were spoken, but I never heard what was said after that because the impact of God’s anointing on being called His daughter overwhelmed me. I cry as I write this.

You, who are reading these words… YOU men and women, too, ordained to have the Father’s life and words flow out of you: KNOW what you have to give! Much strength of character: healing, kindness, wisdom, love, reconciliation, tenderness, boldness, long-suffering, patience, and more are needed in the body of Christ…. even ALL that God is! I pray that your “Begetting power” will be such as the world has never seen… Yay, that you and your fatherhood will be renown!

All of heaven, creation and especially this daughter, encourage you on to perfection and glory. With moaning, with groaning and with great expectation, we’re shouting:

“Go and BEGET! Jesus is coming!”

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