Nature Speaks

2 Peter 1: 3,4

Today, the Lord put the word “Nature’s Promise” in my mind. It’s the name of a brand of products in a grocery store called Food Lion that symbolizes spiritual food and God’s provision for us… indeed, food for those who are developing the lion nature of the Lord Jesus Christ. The word also caused me to think of the many wonders of nature that promise of accomplishing like phenomena inside of us.

Think of it: God’s Word says that we are partakers of the divine nature by believing His promises… It doesn’t say we become like Him from following a three step, ten step or any step program. Our “How do you do?” is to be a “How do you not do?”…. So how do we not rely on self effort which we are so prone to exercising?

God is telling us to look at nature:… We can learn from everything and every creature He has created and know that He has promised to do for us through comprehending what He does for them. Scripture tells us: “Look at the birds of the air and the flowers.” Matthew 6: 26-32…. They convey the promise that our Lord will feed us, clothe us and provide for all our needs.

Do you know that the stars in the sky are there to give us more than light? God has mapped out all of salvation’s story through how He clustered them together. Indeed, they have promises to reveal to us. 

God spoke to Job asking him: “Can you bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or lose the bands of Orion? Can you bring forth Mazzaroth in the season? Or can you guide Arcturus with his sons? Know you the ordinances of heaven? Can you set the dominion thereof in the earth?”

Mazzaroth is a Hebrew word which means the “constellations of the Zodiac.” YES, the Bible mentions the Zodiac. The devil has taken the “righteous real” and perverted it which has caused so many of God’s people to believe that the Zodiac is occult and should not be touched. Yes, we need to stay away from reading horoscopes and all the psychic energy connected in knowing the signs of our birth, but the truth is that the stars declare God’s glory… Their groupings and names reveal the story of Jesus and His work through His body… of the past and things to come promised through them. For instance, the first sign is Virgo. “This group of stars is associated with the picture of a young woman with an ear of wheat in one hand and a branch in the other hand. In Hebrew she’s called “Bethulah” which means “virgin… The wheat and the branch in her hands denote fruitfulness- offspring…. This is a picture of a virgin bringing forth seed.” J. Preston Eby. I highly recommend your reading “The Heavens Declare” by this writer as he has done a vast, very comprehensive study on this subject. http://www.kingdombiblestudies.org/eBooks/The%20Heavens%20Declare%20Book%201.pdf

Now come with me to look at the promises of nature: The seasons speak of the changes involved in bringing about OUR fruitfulness. In the winter while we’re in a waiting period, we have the promise of His keeping power stabilizing us. The spring brings with it the promise of new life, the summer, the promise of full bloom and autumn, the promise of harvest.

The Bible tells us to look at the ant and be like it. The ant promises us that foresight and productivity pay off. The eagle promises us that in rising high in the heavenlies with Christ Jesus and by having keen vision, we can pick off our enemies… the snakes that would harm us.

Absolutely everything in the natural is a type and shadow of a spiritual reality. I pray that God will open our eyes in our everyday life to see what He wants to witness to us through the animals, birds, plants and creeping insects we see. What delight I have when he sends doves and cardinals to the feeder outside my window. They promise me that I’m going to have peace and wisdom even (the “cardinal” thing) that day…. and I do. When I see black birds, I take them as warnings (negative promises) that speak to me: “Watch out! Dark negative thoughts have come to rob you!” and if I’m listening, God says: “Shoo them away!”

He brings pictures to our mind and uses them in like manner. If a vision of a camel comes, it speaks to me that if I’m like them, I can hold my water (the Word) and survive in the desert. Horses are the promise of power and beauty to carry us through whatever we have to face and cows promise provision of the milk of God’s word and meat for our table.

For me, the butterfly has the most beautiful promise of all: We are truly going to come out of our cocoons in which the old us will finally be no more. Hallelujah! We are destined to soar in the heavenlies.

The honey bee brings with it the promise of enlightenment through the honey she makes. Every animal, every tree, every plant, every person, rivers, lakes, the sun, moon and more have something relevant to our spiritual world… our understanding… and our development. Indeed, we can know what God is doing in each of our lives through beholding nature.

In a nutshell, nature holds meat and the promise of life for all of us. It speaks loud and clear saying: “Look at my glory and get life and have it more abundantly.” Truly, all we need to do is believe in the promises of the One Who is the way, the truth and the LIFE that the types and shadows of nature convey to us

It will be THEN that the DIVINE NATURE in us will speak WONDERS!

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