No Droopy Mouths Allowed

What message of God is coming through your mouth today? We all have one whether we verbally speak it or not: I was given a vision recently of the Lord pushing upward on the corners of my mouth with His fingers and while He didn’t say it, the thought came: “Smile! You’re on candid camera!” We are!-… Every one of us is, and even though we’re living in a day in which most people are wearing masks and smiles are hidden, a smile can be seen through the twinkle in our eyes. 

I believe that a smile is the greatest silent message we have to give to the world. God wants us to “Go get ‘em!” and is making sure we don’t have droopy mouths by using his own powerful fingers of deliverance on the corners of ours…. There’ll be no scowling, pouting and drooping mouths in HIS kingdom! 

We may think on some days that we don’t have anything to smile about, but we do: There are many troubles, disappointments and sorrows that we face, but God is reminding us: “I’m your lover… I think you’re beautiful… You’ve got what it takes to meet any situation. I’ve equipped you with grace and glory.” Yes, that’s something to smile about!

Truly NO plague shall come near our dwelling if we believe it… If we know the name (nature) of El Elyon, the Most High God in our hearts, not just in our minds, it is so. Do we realize that if we don’t doubt this promise of God, we won’t be afraid to hug anyone? Jesus and many believers touched lepers and those with contagious diseases…. Have we forgotten that the power of God is released through our faith and OUR touch?

The world is moaning, groaning, waiting to be touched by our healing hands and to see the glory of God shining out of our lives. HIS touch is on the corners of our mouths pushing us forward unafraid.

Recently I heard the word “hut” and had a vision of a fire being stoked inside a small hut. Before I could ask the Lord: “What does it mean?”, a minister named Larry HUTton came to my mind. I hadn’t heard him preach in years, but I have never forgotten him saying that he never had had a down day in his life since 1979…. Yes, this upbeat preacher was ordained to stoke my fire… to be the one with Jesus in Him to turn the corners of my mouth in the way they should go. As I listened to a message of his online, my heart was warmed and my spirit renewed when he shared that he had many opportunities to have down days, but he didn’t have them EVER because he had a key-… a mouth turner and a heart turner, even the divine key that we can have, too. We don’t have to be ruled by our emotions when we recognize our authority over our own thoughts AND our mouths and CHOOSE to use it.

So now when I’m tempted to get down, I smile and shout: “Hallelujah to the One Who turns mouths and lives upwards!… His smile reigns!”

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