The Ring

The jewel in the ring was a giant diamond and only those who listened well to the Word of God could wear it…“The Listener” was such a one. To the world she was but a peasant girl with no extraordinary features, but to those who had eyes to see, she was a regal queen with beauty that surpassed any on earth. Her carriage was upright and her piercing eyes could see into the depth of every man. She wore sunglasses so none would know how penetrating her eyes were and also, because on more than one occasion, people were blinded by the brightness of “The Light” coming from her… The blinded ones and the ones to come are those like the Apostle Paul whose commission was to preach under an anointing that surpassed any in his age. The new age “Listening Ones” are destined to come forth with an even greater actualized presence of “The Living One.”

Many have had their sight removed little by little, but the selected ones have to begin their walk with no mixture. They have to see by faith and not by natural sight. Being forced to see through faith’s eyes early by being instantly blinded, they can be depended upon to walk uprightly having God’s sight!’ Oh the wisdom of God. To be sure, His ways and thoughts are not man’s. 

Truly those who are blind see and what they see surpasses anything seen on earth. The face of God is ever before them and also the cross. “The Listener” was and is such a one called and ordained to preach to all around her through the sign of the ring. Any who are privileged to look upon it, will be marked forever.

Just as no man can come to God unless He draws them, none can be in “The Listener”‘s presence unless the angels lead them to her. And then when they look upon the ring, a miraculous activation of new life comes by their beholding the blood being poured out of it, … It’s life giving blood that has the smell of roses in it. The blood when it is released has a power to transform the innermost part of a person… Every person brought to “The Listener” will have already had a heart transformation… They were made ready by the circumcision of their hearts to receive the transformation of the womb within them that was closed until such a time as this… even the Lord’s Day of revealing His bride… one likened to Mary the mother of Jesus.

“Listening” is the middle name of every one of these mothers to come…. When the DNA of the blood that issues forth from the ring accomplishes its work in the innermost place of the mothers, those born from her womb will have miraculous powers such as the world has never known. 

Only the candle of the Lord, the spirit of man who searches the innermost parts can make these chosen ones ready for the work of “The Ring”… only those who have allowed the Spirit to have purged every negative thought and wound lodged in their cells’ memories can walk on the path to ultimate freedom.

There is a mystery to be made known about the blood that comes from the ring… Yes, it is the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, but it is also the blood of forerunners who laid down lives as well… It is ONE blood… It is One wonder… It is One ministry.

You, who are listening: You shall wear the ring as well!

Categories: Allegories

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