Let The River Flow

God talks to us in many ways, but the question is “Are we listening?” Some of us have ears to hear when a message is preached or taught, but I sense that for many, only a portion of the message gets through and sometimes even if every word is true, nothing is absorbed. Why is that?

Today I was given a vision that had an answer for me and hopefully for you, too. I saw myself offering someone a lump of sugar but he didn’t want it. He pointed to a piece of filet mignon on a table that had nothing else on it except the steak. He indicated that THAT was what he needed.

This morning when I rose out of bed, I heard the words: “A Christ centered life” and indeed when we have such a life, our meat will be to do the will of our Father. The Lord put it in my mind that I was to read a writing called “Forgetting Yourself” in Fenekon’s book “A Seeking Heart.” “When you forget yourself, you no longer deliberately seek everything for yourself.”

Are you like me now realizing your need to forget yourself and be single-eyed? Take heart: Our God is at work… The spirit of the law of life in Christ Jesus can not fail…. He SHALl perfect what concerns us. (Psalm 138: 8)

Now let’s look at the nugget of truth that’s being conveyed to us through this vision: The etymology of the word “fillet” is “little headband”…”to bind with a narrow band… to cut in pieces.” This is letting us know that we need to wrap the revelation of God’s present word to us piece by piece around our heads. “Mignon” has a message in itself: “delicately formed”… “delicate, charming, pretty…. from “pretty girl.”

Now let’s let the contrasting “lump of sugar” speak to us: The etymology of “lump” is “to look sulky, dislike…. notion of “swallow the whole”… to put together in one mass or group.” The plural form of “lump” is “hard knocks, a beating.”

The etymology meaning of “sugar” is: “originally “grit, gravel, pebble.” It has been known as “HONEY WITHOUT BEES. (Prophecy) That’s it!!! Sugar represents words without prophetic utterance backing them. Wow! No wonder our words, no matter how true they are, have no power in them to bring about change. We need to be charged up with prayer and prophecy BEFORE we speak to others… THEN the honey bee of prophecy can do its pollinating.

While I was singing and praising God after receiving this revelation, God gave me a word concerning the words we are to speak that will make all the difference in the world….concerning our “calling forth the things that are not” words of power. “Hanoi” was uttered in the middle of my tongues and it means “river inside.” Wow!! Out of our bellies shall flow rivers of life! Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam which has a name meaning “SAFE, SECURE.”

Do you want to be safe and secure? Do you want to give words of life to others, not dead letter ones that fall to the ground? Do you want to do the will of the Father and have a Christ centered life?

Then let the river flow in you and serve your guests, your brethren and all the world rare filet mignon. When you do, they’ll all have a “Bon appetit” and you’ll have “Joie de Vivre”!

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