A Beckoning Bride

As I sang in tongues worshiping the Lord this morning, the words “A beckoning bride, that’s who I am” came. Is your soul a beckoning bride today? Is your face shining like the sun?

The word “beckon” according to Merriam-Webster means “attractive or inviting: appealing.” The verb definition in the Cambridge dictionary is “to move your hand or head in a way that tells someone to come nearer.” Lovely, eh? Its etymology is “to make a mute sign, signal by a nod or gesture… from “TO SHINE.”

When we are filled with the Spirit of the Lord, His presence manifests through our face like a sun which beckons others to come near to HIM. Truly we shine because we are manifesting the glory of the Lord. Yesterday the word “parousia” (our Lord’s PRESENCE) was given in my tongues which caused me to realize that NOW is the time in which He is being revealed in His bride… We are a MUTE, glowing sign letting others know through looking at us that they can have Christ in them, too…. Our very BEing points the way.

The name “Marita” also came in tongues, which gave a second witness to who this beckoning bride is. The inherent meaning of Marita is “lady”, the spiritual connotation is “righteous” and the etymology conveys that a “lady” is a “ruler of a household, wife of a lord…. a kneader of bread….a woman of superior position.” Truly this is the Lord’s glorious bride having been refined and now ready to be revealed. Remember: We must have eyes to see into the spirit realm to know what our Father is desirous to bring forth, even a “beckoning bride.” THEN, we must speak it, just as I did today by the Spirit and accordingly, the full manifestation will come.

Besides getting the word “parousia” yesterday, I heard the word “helium bride.” Oh you who are His bride, KNOW we are in the time of transfiguration now. If I could whistle, I would whistle more than a happy tune… even a transfiguration tweet in musical ecstasy. The Lord instructed me to read one of Norene Nicholl’s manuscripts on “http://sigler.org/NoreneNicholls/Melchisedec_14.pdf to learn more about helium. I discovered there that: “HELIUM is a Greek word, and it is used concerning the transfiguration of Yahashuah when His garments became white and glistening and His face shown as the HELIOS, translated “shown as the sun.”

I highly recommend that you read the entire series she write on the Melchisedek priesthood. God has led me to study them over and over again because it’s impossible to digest such strong meat in one or two sittings at her table. I promise you that you won’t be whistling “Dixie” if you eat this lady’s bread and assimilate even its crumbs:.

It’ll be more like “Here comes the bride!”

Note: When I prayed about sending this post, the word “prize” came. I pictured my hand extended out with a lump of sugar in it for you which turned into a champion’s cup. Sweet!

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