A Rockin’ Revelation

I had a dream last night of being with someone who I once thought was “The One” for me. Some time ago, we both were in love with each other, but our relationship had many bumps in the road and a heartbreaking “good-bye” had to be said in the end. The Lord gave me many visions during the time we had together which let me know that I was going to be in a bed of roses with some very large thorns in it. Just like Eve, I doubted what the Lord revealed to me. I truly loved “Carita” (the name I called him that means “Dear One”) and initially gave him my heart unreservedly, but fleshly ways, both his and mine, strangled our relationship.

After we parted ways, my heart couldn’t completely let go. I retained the sweet memories I had of Carlita and I still wanted him to be in my life, but minus the fleshly ways. It doesn’t work like that, does it? I think most of you would agree that there’s nothing better than being in love with someone, except being in love with the Lord: There’s a skip in our walk, a beat in our hearts and a beam on our faces that lets everyone know we’ve got “yabba dabba do” going on. I had moments with Carita that I felt both God’s love and his for me at the same time and I have to say, walking away from this relationship was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Remember it was God Who said: “It’s not good for man to be alone,” but He also was the same One Who stated: “You can not be my disciple unless you hate mother, father, sister, brother wives, lands and your own lives, too.” I’ve come to realize that includes boyfriends, girlfriends, possessions, fame and anything or anyone else we want to cling to when it’s time for the cross to do its work. It’s never easy, but the question is: “Do we love Him enough to forsake ALL?”

When I went to bed last night, Carita came to my mind and whenever he does, I pray for him. A longing for what we shared together returned once more, but I trusted that God would do what was best and I truly willed His will for me. I know that Father God is a loving God who does not withhold any good thing from us… that when our hearts are truly turned toward Him, He’s faithful to reveal what we need to know and will set us free from erroneous thinking and desires.

What God gave at the end of the dream was of great significance and encouragement for me and I pray that it will be for you, too. I believe that everything we experience in life and all that we are given are not for our benefit alone… that it is in sharing that we’re strengthened and blessed. To my surprise visibly portrayed in the dream, a woman purchased a rocking chair at 75% off its price. I was told that I, too, would be able to buy that rocking chair in a week’s time. Yay! It relays that I am slated to “buy the truth”… to know it and be set free. We are all slated for this!

The number 75 is perfection (7) and grace (5) together and a rocking chair according to its  symbolic meaning, represents a decision that one is comfortable with…. It’s having no worries about the choices we make. I have a big “whoo whee” here as there’s nothing better than making a right decision and knowing it at the perfect time as was indicated in the dream: A week is seven (perfection) days. Don’t you know that EVERYTHING in our lives is working for the good TO PERFECT US with grace covering us like a cloud lifting us up into higher realm? And then when grace finishes its work in us, we will BE clouds (the word risen up in the spirit) that will cover other people’s lives. 

Later on in the morning “Hotanna’s bride” came as I prayed in tongues.“Hotanna” is the name of a big Indian chief that means “animal’s voice.” Oh my! The question everyone of us is being asked is: “Whose voice are we listening to?” Many times we think that our reasoning mind’s voice (the beast in us) is God’s voice… We don’t know it immediately because our heart can deceive us.

Look at the “Big Chief” in Eve’s life… in what’s in the woman/soul’s life after eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We ALL have a big chief’s animal’s voice that speaks to us when desire for “whatever” comes, but thank God, deep down, we have a greater desire than our earthly one. Hopefully most of us realize that it’s our Lord and being in His will that satisfies us. It’s His voice that comes through dreams, words and visions that exposes the voices that would lead us astray. I am slated now to recognize that big lying chief’s voice shortly.

Here are some truth-telling Indian voices that stirred me very much which definitely do not have an animal’s voice speaking through them. They truly are “a tell-’em pole of wise Indian sayings”:

BLACK ELK: “Great Spirit, the good road and the road of difficulties, you have made me cross; and where they cross, the place is HOLY.”

CRAZY HORSE (Chief): “I salute the light within your eyes where the Whole Universe dwells. For when you are within that center within you and I am at that place within me, we shall be one.” (sat smoking the Sacred Pipe with Sitting Bull four days before he was assassinated.)

LEON SHENANDOAH (Chief): “The greatest power is the creator. But if you want to know the greatest strength.. That is gentleness.”

SENACHWINE (Chief): The monitor within my breast has taught me the will of the Great Spirit”

What wisdom and excellent beauty are found in so many other sayings of our precious Indian brothers, too many to include here. I encourage you to check them out online and be blessed as I believe that many of our Indian tribes are of the lost tribes of Israel and have been given God’s wisdom and understanding. 

I will close this writing straightaway with a simple, but weighty saying by WOVOKA: “Do right always: It will give you satisfaction in life.”

So now all that’s left to say is: “You’ve got the chair: Rock on!”

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