Get High On Names

When the Lord wants to develop certain aspects of His nature in me, He reveals what they are through names. Today, Sheila, Nanci and Alita came one after another with the third one made known in English in the midst of my praying in tongues this morning. 

Truly, God wants to progressively work many beautiful names in all of us. I feel prompted by the spirit to encourage you to ask our Lord what beautiful name He wants YOU to have today. It’s so exciting to get one or more because as the saying goes: “There’s so much in a name!” The names of people, cities, kings and countries in the Bible are of great importance in understanding how the stories relate to present day truth. The old testament especially comes alive in a new way when we look up the meanings of those names.

So let me share what the Lord is speaking through the names He just gave me: Sheila means “blind” and its spiritual connotation is “wise”, Nanci symbolizes “grace” with a spiritual meaning of “graciousness” and Alita is “noble” and “kind” with more meanings of “high”, “excellent” and “elite”. If you’ve read any of my writings, you know “whoo whee!” is an expression I often use… God is definitely a “whoo whee” God Who excites praise, wonder, shouts of joy and more over Who He is and what He does…. especially over His work in His Beloved Bride.

In my last writing, I brought out that if we are to go on into perfection, we must become blind in the sense that we no longer judge by the appearance of things.

For years the parable of the “unjust steward” in Luke 16: 1-13 puzzled me. How could God commend this man for what seemed to be unjust? If you or I wrote less the amount on an account than what people owed, we’d be called thieves, but this passage of scripture is not about shrewd finance as we might suppose… Nor is this parable about an “unjust steward.” Thanks to the writing of Maurice Nicoll in an out of print book called “The Mark”, I learned that the correct translation of the Greek words “oikomonos tes adikias” is “the steward of unrighteousness” (the steward of the unrighteous world) which is quite a difference, eh? Maurice wrote: “In the Lord’s prayer, the second request is to forgive one’s debts- in the literal Greek, to have all that one does canceled, completely written off, which is the real meaning of forgiveness… To become a steward of unrighteousness, he deliberately sees people as better than they are.”…. “ he makes himself responsible for part of their shortcomings and in this way makes everything more possible for them…. The steward is faithful in the least because he transforms the situation of some of the debtors.”

I think of how the Lord came down from heaven to cancel out our debts and even went into hell to save His people… He didn’t come to earth and go down to hell to point His finger at them.

Likewise, the steward in the parable was not a finger pointer, but a noble man who had mercy, grace and loving-kindness working through him. He was called “wise” (phronimos) which has the definition of having presence of mind, being practical in discernment and quick in intelligent action. God wants all of us to bear the name “Sheila”…. yes, to be blind and if we turn a blind eye to many sins and offenses, our wisdom will be used in saving souls and in transforming situations.

The scripture that states “He that wins souls is wise” (Proverbs 11: 30) is not just referring to the souls of unbelievers… We win souls of both unbelievers and believers every time we are used by God to bring a revelation of truth to them that they didn’t know before.

Can you see those who are “noble and just stewards” coming now? Oh yes, here comes Nanci (grace) and Sheila (wisdom) and if they do the work they’re intended to do, THEN comes Alita (the noble, excellent, kind, elite ones… even the ELECT!)

Come on brothers and sisters: Let’s get “high” together on the Word of God and on the names Sheila, Nanci and Alita manifested in us! Whoo whee! The blind really are the ones who can see!

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