Watch The Dog In You

Recently the Holy Spirit brought the word “watchdog” to my mind and I concluded from it that I was to watch and pray. However shortly afterward, the word “canine” came and I knew then that God wanted to reveal something more… I was going to have to dig for it, like a dog does for a buried bone, only this bone I sensed would have some meat on it. 

I’m a dog lover who thinks that dogs are the best and most beautiful creatures in all the world…. loving and true, just like our Lord. Truly, in my opinion, there’s nothing better than a service dog which has one of the highest positions of all… a position that God wants us to fill, too. We are called to be great and I believe that each of us can be if we are like faithful service dogs who love, serve and obey their masters.

Jesus asked Peter “Do you love me?” and when he replied that he did, three times our Lord told him: “Feed my sheep!” The Bible teaches that in order to be a good servant, we must not only feed God’s sheep, we must be watching and praying people so that we don’t feed them what’s not good for them… like OUR words, opinions and thoughts instead of the Lord’s…. that we don’t feed them the traditions of men, watered down words, flattering ones for our gain or downright deceptive ones. Satan is working in us when we treasure the things that be of men and not the things of God. We are instructed to be content with food and raiment, so how do we reconcile this word with our desiring and having all the things of this world? We can’t!

Look at the dog: How content he is with food and with one look from His master… more than content: He’s ecstatic. The sun rises and sets on his owner. This loving creature has “eyes for no other” as he waits with great longing for the one he loves to come home to give him just one touch, one little pat on his head. The word “Good dog!” and a treat send him into doggie heaven…. A dog will obey lots of commands and perform amazing feats to get his treats and we, all of God’s children, have more than treats in store for us. What will we do? Oh to be like a dog, but not one that’s doggish (surly, snappish), dogmatic, a mad dog, or an old dog who won’t hunt…. Instead, if you and I watch the dog character in us and make sure it’s man’s best friend, not like some old cur, we’ll be hearing “Good boy!” or “Good girl!”…even

“Well done, good and faithful servant!”

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