Destined To Be Married

“Strongman” flexed his muscles and let out a hearty laugh. He was so proud of his accomplishment and looked with glee at the one he had captured who was sitting in a cage alone and dejected in a dungeon. “Intended To Be Free” writhed in pain-… The black chains that bound her had been tightened and by all appearances she would never be free. The three-fold bondage was because the Satanic world knew that were she to be free, it would be the end of their kingdoms which were many. The infiltration of the demonic powers had the whole world in captivity. Those powers were very much aware that this feeble, chained woman would not only be the end of them, but the end of the age in which they ruled. This one woman had more power in her little finger than she knew, … but THEY knew.

When she was a little girl, she had been molested and as a result, demons entered into her. They were programmed to affect many areas of her life, but especially to stymy her will. This one in captivity had never been a fighter because two demons, “Inertia” and “Contrary,” constantly took over her will. She was unable to resist, giving in to them each time they exercised their dominion. One reason that they had such power over her was because she didn’t know their names. It was imperative that every person who wanted to be free knew the nature of the demons who were ruling them.

Unbeknownst to her captors, “Intended To Be Free” had come into an inner freedom which they knew nothing about. The spirit of the law of life had been progressively getting victory over the spirit of the law of sin and death and the Holy Spirit’s reign in “Intended To Be Free” had increased greatly…. She was regaining her joy every time she listened to the still small voice within and every time she had a dream or a vision. Many, many dreams, words, visions and impressions were given to her which caused her to grow quickly in wisdom, grace and great faith.

“Intended To Be Free”’s finger started involuntarily twitching and spoke to her in a language her captors could not comprehend, but one that she could understand. Until this time, when another tongue was spoken, she would need an interpreter to understand it, but now, none was needed. She was given understanding from a secret place deep within her where instantaneous knowing dwelled. It was like a cap had been placed on her “know that you know” knower, UNTIL such a time as this. The cap, the reasoning mind “thinking cap”) was suddenly removed by an unseen force within-… the power of the pineal gland became activated with newness of life imparted into every cell in “Intended To Be Free”’s body and the intensity of its rushing power popped the cap so to speak. “Intended To Be Free” was made to be an exquisite wine which had to be contained as in a bottle until the cork popped.

This one had once been married to a ruler (the law) called “Corky” whose strict rules had stopped the flow of the spirit of joy in her… even the third realm wine, which was not a new wine, but the wine of glory “the woman” had before the foundation of the world. Ah, it was THIS “wine of the woman” that all creation was longing for… “The Woman”, THE SOUL, the delight of God not only had the wine of truth, love, joy, grace, peace, righteousness, wisdom, understanding, justice and mercy that would be poured out to a lost and thirsting people, the time had come for her to BE it…. even the transformation manifested as transfiguration.

Her little finger which had become a power in itself spoke to her in an audible, commanding voice: “Point me in the right direction!” The sound of that finger’s voice was like the sound of a whirling tornado in full force. “Strongman” could hear it and started to shake and quake so hard he could not stand. Since the “Being Freed One” no longer had the thinking cap of the reasoning mind on, she immediately responded and made the decree of freedom pointing her finger to the chains: “Chains be broken off!” she commanded. “You demonic cage, you “Spirit of Inertia” and you “Spirit of Contrariness”, be removed in the name of the Holy One of Israel… in the name of “Yeshua Hamashiach!” Her right arm which had been bound by witchcraft for many years was raised high as she pronounced boldly to all the powers of darkness: “The end of your kingdoms has come! Move out now and make way for the King and His queen. All hindrances and blockages: Be gone! All satanic forces: Be stripped of your evil powers!”

A big sigh came out of her and with that sigh the spirit of death and all the spirits that came with it were expelled out of her body. Sickness, sorrow and pain no longer has a part in her. She stood tall, free, erect in the power of the Almighty. 

In an instant, the words “Thy kingdom has come, thy will has been done” were heard all over the earth. Yay! The first dominion had become hers. “Strongman” shriveled up to dust before her eyes and in that moment her own body shimmered with gold dust and glory covering it in cheering joy. The staff of Judah miraculously appeared in her hand and a silver pouch in the other with the seeds of life in it. Indeed, she is reigning now and her seeds will not only be planted, they will instantly bear fruit on the good soil prepared for them by faithful ones long ago.

Can you see and hear all of heaven and earth celebrating her and shouting: “The desired one has come!”? And now I shall tell you a mystery: “For as a young man marrieth a virgin, so shall thy sons marry thee; and as the bridegroom rejoiceth over the bride, so shall thy God rejoice over thee.” (Isaiah 62: 5)

KNOW that the time has come for your land and mine (these earthen vessels) to be MARRIED. The sacred mystery is that we are both the bride (the soul), and also the sons (the spirit.) The Apostle Paul said that he travailed for Christ to be formed in us, even the sons of God (Gal. 4: 19) Jackie Caporaso stated in her excellent writing “Thy Sons Shall Marry Thee” that “the sons are the Christ who will marry the woman, the church and save her body from death and corruptibility. They came out of her “womb” and now they will marry her and bring her to her full potential, spirit, soul and body.”

Hear it and rejoice: “Intended To Be Free” shall no longer be bound and desolate… Her new name, yours and mine, shall be called “Hephzibah” (my delight is in her) and her land “Beaulah” (MARRIED)! (Isaiah 62:4) Oh hallelujah, the marriage shall be consummated at last!

In my vernacular, it’s “Whoo wee!”

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