In The Knows

My mind has been on my nose today after getting a vision of a bride with a gold ring in hers. It came after reading a post on “The Mighty Hand of God” blog in which Diana Pulliam wrote about the word that she recently received from the Lord. My vision came as I started writing a comment on her timely message “She Will Be Ready.”

I interpreted the vision I had to mean that a divine work of discernment which the nose represents was being established in the bride. I looked up “ring” in Ira Milligan’s book “Understanding The Dreams You Dream,” turned right to the page with the word on it, and had a “whoo whee” moment.

I had been given a prophetic dream early in my walk with the Lord which revealed that after I overcame the world (the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life), the final step into glory would be through executing authority. Lo and behold, that gold ring in the bride’s nose is it. The symbolic meaning of a ring is covenant: AUTHORITY (as in “a signet ring”); eternity (unending); prestige.”

Hitherto, God’s bride has not been able to rule with full authority because sharp and accurate discernment has to be developed before she can be entrusted with the power to rule. Of a certainty, powerful authority is coming now. Hallelujah!

The nose breathing in air is a type and shadow of the spiritual nose taking in the Spirit and breathing it out to be an atmosphere changer. A literal nose sniffs out trouble and danger; It smells food, perfume, and flowers and to be sure it doesn’t miss stinky odors like doo doo and a skunk’s spray. How needed a natural sense of smell is and how much more, a spiritual nose that can detect the presence the devil and demons, God and angels… that senses if a person is a friend or foe… that is a discerner of truth as well as a discerner of lies… that discerns intentions of hearts, the times we’re in, gifts, the true nature of things, the right direction to take and more… I believe discernment is wisdom. Who can live without it??

There are so many sayings with “nose” in them that have spiritual applications: You will definitely “pay through the nose” if you don’t use your nose to discern correctly. You don’t want to stick your nose into other people’s business, but you do want to use it to find out God’s mysteries and to discover hidden things. It’s a must to have a nose for something good, especially for the Lord and His ways. 

God forbid that we look down our noses at people, that our noses get out of joint or in the air and we most definitely don’t want to cut off our noses to spite our faces.

It’s good to keep one’s nose in a book, but to be hard nosed, led around by the nose, get our nose rubbed into something, be smug nosed or take nosedives are “no-know noses.”

So what can I say now except the “nose knows” and if you keep your nose clean and can see plainly as the nose on your face, that nose of yours is going to get a gold ring in it. Indeed, you, His Beloved Bride, shall be ready!

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