Holy Power is Ours

I feel to share some of what I wrote to a precious brother in Christ today along with some thoughts that came afterwards that got me excited. I hope some of them will bless and excite you as well. 

Almost everyone I know has asked or has had questions in their hearts about why God has allowed evil things to happen. Some have even blamed Him for them saying: “If He’s so good, why doesn’t He intervene? Where is this loving, just God when atrocities, wickedness and unjust things are going on?”

My response to those who are genuinely searching for answers is this: If I gave you a car and you totaled it in a crash, whose fault would it be? Would you blame me? I think you’d agree that the fault would be yours, not mine. You might reply: “God knew I’d wreck my life, so why did He give me the option to do it in the first place?” I will address this later on, but first consider this:

God gave US (the body of Christ) power over ALL the works of the enemy and for the most part, most of us are not using it. Many believers in God don’t even know that we have it, much less use it. Chronicles 7: 14 plainly states that the fate of our land (all countries and individuals, as well) is in OUR hands… Truly, if we, the people of God, humble ourselves,… if we turn from our wicked ways… in a nutshell, if we OBEY what our head, the Lord Jesus Christ, tells us to do, THEN healing, deliverance and restoration can come.

Can your mind accomplish anything on its own without your body? NO!: It needs your mouth to speak and your hands and feet to do the work. Likewise, it’s the same with God: He works through His body, the body of Christ, to DO His will. Our head (both the natural and the spiritual) only does the thinking, not the doing.

Look at what took place in the beginning: God gave Adam and Eve dominion over ALL the earth, but when they disobeyed Him, Satan was able to rob them of that power. We now, through OBEDIENCE and through speaking God’s Word over situations and people, have the power through faith to take back everything that was stolen from us- …We have the power to prevent things from going on in our lives and in others that shouldn’t happen…. and we have been given the power to create new life.

Don’t blame God for what’s wrong! Let there be a new mindset because we are NOT victims!! We truly have His power, but the question is: “Will we use it? Luke 18: 8 asks another question: “When He comes will he find faith?” It’s the kind of faith that works by LOVE that only those who live in God, NOT in SELF, can have. Ah, it takes much tribulation to get all the anger, strife, pride, greed, envy, fault-finding, complaining, hatred, wrong opinions, finger pointing and so much more out of us. WILL we faithfully bear the suffering it takes to overcome EVERYTHING not of God in us? Will we endure to the end? Thank God, some will!

Now to get back to why God did not have a rose garden without thorns for us and why He put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in our garden knowing we would disobey Him and eat of its fruit, just like Adam and Eve did.

Tell me: Do you know how valuable free choice is? Would you want someone to love you because they had to? Wouldn’t you want them to choose you?  But it’s more than this:.. We existed in spirit form BEFORE we came to earth in physical bodies. We were those sons of God and the daystars who shouted and sang for joy while we watched creation being formed. I believe that our wills consented to coming to this earth knowing the suffering we would have. Jesus did this, shown by His being the Lamb slain BEFORE the foundation of the world… We, too, consented to be lambs for the slaughter, because we knew that out of our suffering would come life… We knew that God is a good God and that we have a good end. Do you realize what that end is?: We are going to have the SAME brilliant mind, the same loving heart and the same amazing capacities to create as our Father has. You wouldn’t give all that power and ability to ones you couldn’t trust, would you? The earth is our proving ground… We will be able to be trusted AFTER we forsake all and lay down our lives because we trust and love Him. Oh brethren, it’s worth every bit of suffering we have to go through,…. and it isn’t like we suffer alone: He’s in us feeling every pain we do… loving us, leading us and keeping us. He CHOSE to live life through us and experience all the wonderful and not so wonderful things we do. 

Jesus is the forerunner and we can do everything He did because He made the way and showed it to us. We can glory in the cross like He did, because we, too, have joy set before us… Truly, we are assured of the outcome that is greater and more marvelous than anything that could be desired here on earth.

In the beginning of this post, I wrote that I had something more to share with you-… something that I never saw before in Matthew 17: 15- 21, also in Luke and in Mark. This scripture especially has had my attention over the years because of the times in which I and others were not able to cast out some demons like the disciples who couldn’t cast the demon out of the lunatic boy who often fell into the fire and into the water. Jesus was more than displeased about that saying: “Oh faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I suffer you?”

Think of it: Jesus called them “unbelieving” (apistos), Strong’s Greek 571: (passively) untrustworthy (person). incredible (thing) and “perverse” (diestrammena), Strong’s Greek 1294: to pervert, corrupt, oppose, distort” from “to misinterpret.”

When the disciples asked Him why they couldn’t cast the demon out, He told them that this kind (of unbelief) doesn’t go out but by prayer and fasting.” I always thought this fast referred just fasting with water, but not so! Isaiah 58: 6-14 speaks of the true fast: It’s when we fulfill THIS fast and couple it with prayer that we’ll be able to cast out the lunatic boy who is a type and shadow of us in our flesh… Are we not often cast into the fire (into tribulation with the fire of God having to purify us) and into the water (into troubles that the Word (water) has to correct us? Aren’t we cast down time and time again because of our perverted, corrupt, and distorted thinking that misunderstands others and misinterprets the Word of God? Our flesh acts like a crazy one at times and our spirit joined with God is the Son of God casting out a demon who has had a right to be in us because of our perverted thinking and ways.

What caused my spirit to leap today was my seeing that Jesus was speaking to this GENEration in this passage. When we fulfill the true fast, we will be part of the REgeneration… our old genes passed down to us from the first Adam will be replaced by the second Adam’s genes. Oh hallelujah!

We’ve been in our cocoons far too long! God’s fire has almost finished its refining work of bringing us to the end of our living for self pleasure and self comfort. There’s a beautiful figurative butterfly coming out of our ashes and we’re no longer going to be cast down again and again after its wings appear: We’re going to ascend, winging it into heavenly places where we’ve never been before, and there we’ll be equipped to go into the hells people are in to set them free. This is the destiny of all you faithful companions in tribulation and mine, too. The world awaits us, but even more than the world, our God awaits us. Oh glorious day when we satisfy His soul!

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  1. Oh my goodness my dear friend. What wonderful revelation. I love you and thank you for sharing 💕


  2. Amen! Thank you for going further with your comment and making this post! I truly believe God is refining His bride ready for the return of Jesus. Just like a bride prepares for the wedding day, we need to be preparing for his return. God bless you and your ministry! Amen


    • Thank you for blessing me Deano. Diana Pulliam recently posted an excellent word on her blog “The Mighty Hand of God” you may want to read about the bride being ready that’s very encouraging. I appreciate your comment, you and your ministry very much.

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  3. Michele,
    Amen and Amen! It’s time my sister to ARISE! It’s time for His Body to Shine! We must shake off the slumber and respond to His call in this hour!
    Blessings to you!


    • Oh precious sister, I’m so thankful that sleepy heads will awaken “in the day of His power”!… We shall be willing then and will shine like the sun, eh? You’re shining quite a bit already, faithful woman of God and I so appreciate you and your ministry.
      Love you much,


  4. Brilliant post. We all have free will and sadly, most people don’t use it properly, which is why bad things happen. It isn’t God’s fault, though He does allow terrible things to happen, it’s because we live in a fallen world and these terrible happenings and circumstances are the result of sin. Bad things happen to good people and innocent people can sometimes become the collateral damage. Thank you for posting.


    • Thank you so much for your comment Cherie. As I read it I thought how sadly true it is that we often don’t use our wills properly, but immediately I was reminded that “ALL things work for the good for those of us who love Him and are the called according to His purpose.” I have seen this to be so, even when I made wrong decisions. None of God’s children want to make bad choices, but we learn from the things we suffer and more than this: We come to see how merciful and God is. Oh how He loves us and covers us with His grace. Bless you for this comment that has caused me to reflect on the mercy and love I’ve been given over my lifetime that has had many mistakes and foolish decisions. As I write this I am picturing the back side of a beautiful tapestry… It looks like a mess, but oh my! – the front side is glorious! That tapestry is you and me… We shall fulfill His design for us!! Isn’t it wonderful?
      I love your name and you are destined to live it: Cheri: “dear, valuable” White: “righteous”
      Blessings and love,

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      • Thank you so much, Michele! I so agree that God works everything for His purpose and our good. This is such a lovely response and it means a lot! May God richly bless you! ❤


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