Together In Stitches

One of the most important keys I’ve been given concerning walking in peace came through a vision I had of me sewing my sister’s eye in a piece of material that I owned. After God showed me that this piece was to be made into a comforter along with those of others, the Lord brought to mind that the Holy Ghost is called the “Comforter”. He revealed that if we want to have comfort and give comfort, we must all have a heart to see through each others’ eyes…. that we must consider what it’s like to be in another person’s shoes…. and most of all, we are to understand that we can’t enter God’s kingdom of peace, joy and righteousness in the Holy Ghost which is within unless we do this.

I can see how our individual pieces of “fine work” accomplished by the refining of God’s purifying fire will then be able to be connected to the other pieces to form a beautiful comforter that will cover and keep us warm and safe.

I am resting in knowing that the timing of our connecting to one another is coming. There is both a time to wound and a time to heal, eh? In the meantime, love, forgiveness, blessing and patience to let God work things out by His grace are the mending stitches in the making of the comforter called “Together.”

Our Lord prayed that we would be one and that can only come about through our honoring one another other and bowing low-… by our fully embracing each other with a holy kiss as He has called us to do.

The needle for stitching our comforter is not one to needle each other, but one with a big eye through which the thread of love can easily flow. It’s an eye that sees the need of repentance of our ways, words and thoughts that are not of God… even the eye of knowing that mercy rejoices over judgement.

Can you see the angels speedily coming now from the north, the south, the east and the west to gather us together? The day of the “Divine Connection”… even the day of “Holy Communion” is almost here. Get ready, get ready to put in the final stitches of reconciliation. Oh yes, we’ll be in stitches then!

You and I who been needled and pricked in order to become like Him… meek, lowly, forgiving, faithful, true, and more are going to hear the angels sing “Peace on earth, good will toward men” over the birthing of the “New Us”…. the family of God born of love!

Oh what a day that will be!!

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