Get A Move On

On two mornings last week, I woke up with the same vision of a hand extended with a lump of sugar in it to give to a horse.

There’s nothing more awesome to me than a horse: When I was a little girl I think I wished for one on every star in the sky and now I’ve got my wish come true in symbolic form. The horse on the front page of Ride The Heavens relays the message that through moving in the power of the Spirit, we can ascend into realms of Heaven to receive wisdom, understanding and revelation. What better horse than that?

God used the vision two days in a row to emphasizec the message that sweetness and power go together-… It brought to mind that it’s the goodness of the Lord that leads us to repentance and what awesome power repentance is through which our carnal mind is replaced by the mind of Christ. I believe that the mind of Christ in a people DOING His will is the greatest power on earth-… the source of EVERY good and perfect work.

When we repent daily, what power and might are given. God says that His ways and thoughts are not our ways… that we must seek Him to know them… and THEN we will know the goodness and sweetness of the Lord and be able to give it to others.

So the Spirit of God is telling each of us now to get a “move on”! Get Spirit-power and make sure to pass the sugar!

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