Here She Comes

God talks to us in many ways: through a still small voice, through the Bible coming alive to us, through an inner witness, through other people’s words, through His audible voice and through types and shadows which reveal spiritual realities. He instructs us to get wisdom and understanding with all are getting… to seek until we find.

When I feel God’s nudge to look at something in the natural realm, I feel an excitement like what I felt as a little girl going on a treasure hunt. I never realized that the places I lived in were representative of divinely appointed dwellings which would reveal the way to bring me into “Daisy-Land”, the kingdom where the “True Me” reigned. Your land might be “Rose-Land” or another one, but whatever it is, there’s treasure there, even your real identity. You have a story similar to mine, but uniquely different: Every street, every city, every state and country we’ve lived in reveal aspects of our development in the nature of Christ.

As a bride I chose daisies for my bouquet and also real daisies to be the crowning part of my headdress. How I love these simple flowers that represent innocence and healing. Truly, when we come into an innocent state of being likened unto the original state of Adam and Eve, no sickness can remain in us. Oh happy day!!

All if us are called to be trees of life and when I received the Lord Jesus as my savior, it was in a place called Miramar (sea view) on Plantation Boulevard that I became such a tree planted there destined to bring forth fruit in due time. A boulevard’s definition is a broad street and it is the masses of people who don’t know God represented by the sea who walk on the broad way, not the narrow way that leads to life. Plantation Boulevard was the starting place of me, a professed atheist prior to then, becoming planted in Him… even a tree planted by the water (the Word.)

Next I resided in Sylva (forest) and there I, no longer just a lone tree, but one with others lived on Christopher (Christ bearing) Lane (a narrow, hedged in road.)

Then came Hampstead on Thrasher Court. Indeed, it was a time of threshing in my life with much tribulation. I was definitely not in the Holy of Holies then, but in a court place ruled over by one like Saul, instead of God being my head. It was said that the town of Hampstead got its name because George Washingto came there wanting fish, but instead got ham. Like him, I got what I didn’t want.

Next was the town of Franklin (free man) on Belle (beautiful) View Road (an open way… also a way or means to achieve something.) A connecting street to Bellevue Road was Highlands Road which reveals that the “high places” were still in my worship at that time. I was not yet under the total headship of the Lord because I wanted to be independent (a free man) and remain in the gift realm, not ready to move on into perfection. It took getting my hip fractured before I was made willing to let go of the old tn order o come into the new. My son had asked me to move close to him many times prior to that, but I wanted to remain where I was. My son’s wish was a type and shadow of God‘s desire for His people to move closer to Him…. to not to be satisfied with the gifts in place of Him, but satisfied with Him alone.

Imagine my surprise and delight to find that my new residence in my son’s home was located at Mountain View, Hickory in a lovely community called “Rainbow Hills.” Hickory is a tree that bears nuts with meat inside indicating there would be meat for me and others in this place…. Our meat is to do the will of God and when we do, the seven-fold Spirit of God which the rainbow symbolizes will have residence in us. So come with me now, to look at the roads that lead to Daisy-Land.”

  1. HighWay 127: (100: the elect, 27: Proclamation of the Gospel and Prophecy)
  2. Zion Church Road: (The church in the Holy of Holies realm)
  3. James Farm Road: (The name James inherently means “supplanter”, but the spiritual meaning is “nurtured. A farm is the place for growing food and nurturing animals, so spiritually it is a place of being nurtured and blessed, producing much)
  4. Rainbow Hills Drive: (The sevenfold Spirit rising up to be prominent, working with energy)
  5. Daisy Lane: (Innocence)

Hear it: The roads that lead to “Daisy-Land” reveal the processing needed in order for us to become like Adam and Eve who were naked and UNASHAMED… INNOCENT! Woo whee! Get those daisy petals ready to cover the Lord’s glorious one in joyous celebration. Can you see her coming now??


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  1. I can’t stop reading. What a blessing I am getting as I work through your writings dear Michelle. As I read God is bringing people to mind that I know I am to share these with. Thank you and I love you ❤️


    • I feel big time hugged and squeezed by you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for loving and supporting me. I love you too, dear friend 🌹sent to me by God.


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