Wished For

The unwanted one got her name from an angel who appeared in “Bitter”’s dream saying:”Your child shall be called “Wished For,” for she shall be desired by the people of every nation. She has been chosen by the Most High God, and in her later years, the prophecy that a woman shall crush the head of the serpent shall be fulfilled through her. Indeed, she shall be greatly wished for!”

But even though the dream was given to this mother, she did not wish for a child at all. Her daughter was rejected by her, not cherished, and then was hated by her father who sexually abused her. After that horrible act was done, spirits came in to bring havoc and much rejection.

“Wished For” lived with sorrow from then on and out of sorrow, a spirit called “Offense”, the killer of emotions, came into her making it impossible for her to experience joy. “Offense” steadfastly remained in her, continually robbing her until the revelation and power came to kick him out.

Her grandmother “Protecting One” was a God-fearing, tender-hearted woman who knew much sorrow herself and identified with her granddaughter’s pain. Unlike her daughter “Bitter”, she loved “Wished For” deeply and would often read to her from the Bible. How “Wished For” loved and respected “Protecting One,” and the wonderful words of the Bible touched her heart which so readily received.

On her twelfth birthday, she came to know even more sorrow: “Protecting One” had a deadly stroke, but just before it happened she had read the scripture: “When my mother and father forsake me, the Lord will take me up” and it came rolling out of her lips like thunder as she quoted it to her granddaughter. The “Wished For”’s guardian angel placed it into her heart to be kept until the time appointed for it to come alive in her. Indeed, abandonment would come all too soon.

With sorrow penetrating even deeper into her heart by her grandmother’s death, she was beside herself. She didn’t know what to do, but finally, “Wished For” prayed,… something that she had never done : “God of my grandmother, HELP me!!” she cried. A brilliant light came into the room and “The Voice” of “Salvation” decreed: “You shall not only be helped by Me…You shall KNOW Me! Great peace and wonder flooded “Wished For” and she knew that all would be well.

Shortly afterwards, her mother “Bitter” made the announcement: “Your father and I are divorcing and you shall live with your “Aunt Trouble”… I do not have the means to take care of you, but “Trouble” will make sure you are prepared for the future. You will be toughened to be able to face anything after her corrections tame your nature.“

“Bitter” left her without a hug or a kiss and her father “Hating One” didn’t even bother to see her before leaving. But “Wished For” was not alone. Ever since the light shone on her and  “The Voice” spoke, she had a confidence that she had never had before to face life unafraid.

“Trouble” was not kind to “Wished For”… She made her work hard for the mealy substance she provided, but “The Voice” enabled her to bear every injustice instructing her: “Give thanks in everything! It is through thanksgiving that all good shall come to you.”

And it was so, because through thanksgiving, a cheerful heart began to form in “Wished For.” “Offense” was still in her heart, but “Offense” would not be able to stay after “Trouble” taught “Wished For” a few more lessons.

During one of her hardest times, “The Voice” instructed: “Do not talk about “Trouble”… Do not talk about people. Keep your tongue!” and an impartation of grace came from out of the “Light” for her to obey “Wisdom”’s words. Also with them came the revelation that “Wisdom” and “Love” were all that she needed to continue in becoming what she was meant to be, even a “Light to all the World.” After learning another lesson from “Trouble” she would meet and to kiss her destiny.”

However, a stumbling block came along that would prevent her from going forward for a season: “Wished For” met a man who, by all appearances, was the man of her dreams. He wooed her fervently, telling her how beautiful she was and how much he loved her. While it was true that he initially did love “Wished For”, but the spirits in her caused discord and he no longer wanted to be with her. This suitor, whose name was “Semblance of Another,” started to spend less and less time with her and then ignored her altogether. It was then that “Offense” got stirred within her into a terrible fit and soon “Wished For” had an ugly face that replaced her sweet countenance. Not only did her suitor flee, but one else wanted to be around her because her disposition was so bad.

Abandoned and heartbroken,  “Wished For” became so depressed that she wanted to die. A thunderous shout came from “The Voice”: “No! You shall not listen to the enemy of your soul. Stand up inside and give God praise! Praise is the key in getting out of trouble and moving on to “Glory,” your very destiny.”

At that moment, a bright, shining star appeared on the path of “Victory” that she was ordained to follow. The gift of praise instantly rose up from within her inner being and along with it a little song: “My God is in me and now I can see that I am His seed and He’s all I need.”

As she continued giving mighty praise singing the song, the words became a reality and the star shining on her path spoke: “Because you have made the Lord Jesus Christ your all, whatever you desire shall come to pass.”

“Wished For” was immediately given telescopic eyes and she could see the people on the earth moaning and groaning. All she wanted at that moment was to see them set free and with that thought, a golden key suddenly appeared in her hand.

“It is the key to the hearts of men that have been deceived by the serpent who lives within them. His head has been their authority, but when you turn the key, it will open their heart’s door to receive the true gospel of the kingdom that will save them. Hitherto, only a partial gospel has been preached because God’s Bride, the Heavenly Jerusalem… even YOU joined with every member had not yet been revealed. You are “The Wished For One” along with all the others who have been processed as you have been… the ones who sing the celestial song of praise, love and gratitude. It is the vibrations of this song that will be in your soul’s heel to crush the serpent’s head.

Can you, who have read the story of “The Chosen One “ hear the shofar blowing? Do you, who are wished for too, know that it’s YOUR time?

Destiny is calling!

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