The Distant Bells

“Soul” heard the bells, but only faintly because she had moved far away from the “Land of Holiness” where they were. Not realizing her peril, “Soul” had been led astray into the city of “Deception” by a thief named “Wanton.”

“Wanton” lived wanting everything and everyone for his own purposes. He became self-deceived after he believed that all his religious practices were what pleased God and oh my, his religious garb was something incredible woven with hours and hours of prayers and many, many fasts for self-aggrandizement’s sake. Even the elders in the city were impressed by him not realizing that all his prayers and fasts were done to gain power to have a name for himself.

“Soul” especially was quite taken by him and he also, by her because she was very beautiful and had spiritual gifts that were dazzling to him. “Wanton” initially fell in love with her because of those gifts and she with him because of the attribute of purity that she esteemed as the highest virtue of all. How bewitched she was in thinking the vest of “false purity” he wore was “true purity.”

“Wanton” pursued “Soul” because he believed that a marriage with her would advance his kingdom- “The Kingdom of Grandeur and Self-righteousness”… He thought that others would think he was wonderful having such a beautiful bride and that her gifts would draw many people to come to worship and bow down before them.

“You must have a legacy on this earth “Soul!”… Others must know WHO you are!” “Wanton” adamantly admonished her: “You must DO something to become famous,” he emphasized, having done lots of “do-do” himself. Alas! She thought his words were of God and so she set herself out to be a “performer” before the eyes of men, just as “Wanton” was.

Until she met this thief who robbed God of true worship in spirit and in truth, “Soul” was content to just “be”, to love and be loved and to accomplish the little things her Lord asked of her. However, deep down, she felt she was “not enough” and “Wanton”’s words seemed to have the answer of the way for her to fulfill herself.

Poor “Soul!”: She didn’t realize that the reason she didn’t think she was enough was because she had gotten her eyes off the Lord and onto “Self”…. “Self” would NEVER be enough. She had become deceived the minute she believed that she needed to be “somebody” building a name and a ministry for herself.

It was at that very moment that the name “Simpleton” appeared on her head and that “Confusion” and “Trouble” became her constant companions. “Soul” met “Trouble” through her association with “Wanton” and although “Great Tribulation” was another one of “Wanton”’s closest cronies, “Soul” had enough sense to stay away from him. However, “Trouble” managed to attach himself to her even though the still small voice within “Soul” warned her against him.

It was after the name “Simpleton” was seen on “Soul”’s forehead and after discord had come, that a great disdain came into “Wanton”’s heart towards her. The love he once felt had waned, and he began to ignore and mistreat her which wounded her deeply. “Soul” had come to love him so much that her heart became splintered by his withdrawn love.

How sad she was remembering their earlier times with each other when they had experienced “”Ecstasy”’s potion as they entered praise and worship together. Oh yes, God’s presence and love were felt powerfully at such times because He inhabits the praises of His people…. even people like “Wanton” who are blinded to the nature they operate in.

Both “Wanton” and “Soul-Deceived” had become almost fully blind, but “God Above” was watching over them. Just like Jacob of old had to be processed in order to come to realize that he was a supplanter, so it would be for these two,… each in their own time.

The volume on the bells of holiness increased with their sound reaching many lands, but “Soul” still only heard them faintly, so angels were sent to give her the gift of hearing aids. As soon as she put them on, she could hear the bells of holiness ringing loud and clear with the message: “Come to your Beloved! Come out, come out, COME OUT of the city of “Deception” and separate from “Wanton.”

As soon as she obeyed the message, the name “Simpleton” disappeared from her forehead… The seraphim then, who was assigned to her carried her under his wings and his fire burned out all the dross. As they approached the “City of Holiness”, a banner with the words “New Life” was held up by the welcoming hosts of the city and all were cheering and shouting: “The Bride is here! Hooray! Hooray! She’s come at last!”

The song of the doves was heard throughout the city singing: “Mercy and truth are kissing each other; The Glory of God can be seen. And nothing is missing in the King’s heavenly queen. She’s without spot or blemish seated on the throne, fulfilling God’s wish to be His alone.” Petals of white flowers covered the land and turned into kisses bestowed upon everyone’s smiling faces. With great joy abounding everywhere, “Soul” was crowned with her new name “Purity” written in brilliant diamonds and then a great hush came over all of heaven as the King decreed her as His “Only One”!

“Purity” is reigning now. Can you see her?… Yes, I know you can because she’s YOU in the Spirit!

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