Are You Ready?

Strong drink was waiting in the golden chalice for the one it was prepared for.. the one named “Free Man.” The drink looked dark and foreboding, but that was just its outer appearance. It was designed that way so that only those with inner seeing would partake of it. Those who made decisions judging by the outer appearances of things did not want it. Alas, they would never have power and authority, the very thing they needed… even that which came with the strong drink. They did not realize that dying to self was the only way to life.

These were like Peter, the disciple who said: “Far be it from you Lord!” when He told him that He would have to suffer. This same cup was there on that very pedestal men admired and spoke highly of, not knowing that it was the cup that they, too, were ordained to drink.

“Free man” had been free for a long time enjoying the better things in life… He not only was blessed with the abundance of houses, lands, children, fame, favor and grace, he had a wonderful spiritual life full of good works- … The power and gifts given to him to heal the sick, cast out devils, raise the dead, give to the poor and tend to the needs of others all gave him great pleasure. But something was missing.

Each time he looked at the cup on the pedestal, an inner voice whispered: “It’s not supposed to be there on that pedestal!” “Free Man” knew that all the people of the “City of Religion” honored it admiring its beauty and would even bow down to it. To remove it would bring havoc to the city, so “Free Man” would push the thought away, choosing to do some work to fill his mind.

Both the cup and the chalice however, were coming more and more to his attention, until finally, “Free Man” got down on his knees and prayed: “What is it that I am to know, Lord?”

“I’ve waited long for you to ask me,” His Savior replied. “You haven’t been ready until now to drink them because you didn’t have a hunger to drink the cup of suffering and to drink the strong wine that is in the golden chalice…. Both drinks are needed for your transformation, as well as the seed which you must first put on the tip of your tongue.”

The Master’s voice turned strong and almost sharp as He, with fire shooting out of His blazing eyes, commanded: “COUNT the cost!!”

“Free Man” trembled because at that moment He knew that it would cost him EVERYTHING, and his first thought was: “I can’t pay it!” But His Lord was still standing before him and it seemed His glory increased a thousand times over. “You have now seen my glory… the same glory shall be yours if you say ‘yes.’ Will you?”

The Lord’s power and glory was so bright and so strong that it knocked “Free Man” off his feet causing his whole being to shake violently. His mind felt like a whirlwind with charged electrical flames in it heated to high intensity and the wind got so knocked out of him, he thought he’d never get his breath back. In mercy, the Lord blew his own breath into him giving him power to arise: “Stand like a man before me and answer my question. I have put it in your mind to see clearly now.”

Indeed, now with his mind charged with revelation and standing upright, “Free Man” could see what was at stake: He could go on as he always had, enjoying the blessings and gifts of God, knowing he could never be fully satisfied by them, or he could choose the way of suffering and death that would lead to life and glory. “Free Man” did not hesitate: There was no choice at that moment: The way of death and suffering was the ONLY way for him.

A lamb immediately appeared from the heavenly realm saying: “You, like me and all the great ones before you and those to cone after you, are a lamb chosen for the slaughter…. The religious world will kill you because they want the cup and all the things of God to remain on a pedestal apart from themselves… They want to talk about them and bow down before them pretending they’ve partaken of them. You, beloved “Free Man” are called to remove their pedestal and expose their hypocrisy. You will be hated, persecuted and eventually killed for BEing the witness. Go now and drink of the chalice as it is the drink for all those who are ready to perish… It will prepare you for your death.”

When the lamb finished speaking he turned into a golden flame of fire and disappeared out of sight. It was through his words that “Free Man” was embolden to follow on the narrow path that led to the golden chalice.

The voice within cautioned: “Drink as much as you can… It will be bitter at first, but will change your taste buds after the first sip and then will do such a mighty work that you will enjoy drinking it and partaking of the purpose for which you were born. Death will not appear as death to you, but life because it leads to life.”

And it was just as the voice told him: “Free Man” read the words inscribed on the chalice: “Strong drink is for those who are ready to perish” assenting to the Word of God and drinking it with joy. He was ready now to tear down man’s sacred pedestal in the city of “Religion.”

And how was he going to do it?- First by the power of his tongue remembering that it was not by might, not by power but by His spirit… Next it was by the power of the sword cutting the legs off the pedestal, and finally it was by the power of his right arm and hand snatching the cup and drinking it before all eyes… eyes that became murderous eyes inflamed to kill “Free Man.”

There was no escaping the roar of the people’s war cry that became stones thrown with rage at him. As one after the other of the stones hit him, the angels surrounded him strengthening his will to endure. Then Michael placed “THE SEAL” on his forehead with his new name inscribed in diamonds on it.

Do you know who this man is? Do you know his new name?- … He’s YOU in foreshadowed form… Yes,  YOU whose name shall be “Victorious Man”!

Are you ready to drink now??

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