“Treat Me!”

“Treat me! Treat me to a time of love“ were the English words that came when I prayed in tongues. Then “Ishi… Ishi” followed and at the end of my prayer, I heard: “My Katy.” The name “Katy” means “spotless and unblemished” and I cried because even though I know who I am in Christ, I did not see myself as spotless and unblemished. If you ask someone who knows me who has seen the fleshly side of me being a presumptuous one at times, one who too quickly comes to conclusions, one whose meekness has flown away into outer space, and one who has been fault finding, disappointed with herself and others, you would not be told that I was spotless and unblemished.

So was the Lord calling things that are not as though they were and wanting me to do the same when He called me His “Katy”? Maybe, but the “Me” and the “You” that is joined with the Lord and is not our flesh IS SPOTLESS and WITHOUT BLEMISH!!

Are we going to “treat” Him by believing it and by coming to Him as a lover free from guilt and shame? In our natural man/woman relationships, we’re not going to offer ourselves with full abandonment to the one we love if we think of ourselves as not good enough for him or her…. Without realizing it, we can’t give ourselves completely to God either, for the same reason.

We are wonderful and we lack NOTHING, but most of us don’t seem to know this. All things are ours and we have been made suitable, even a suitable bride for our Lord. Oh yes, it’s true that this bride, who has no power on her own to change, is coming into perfection now,…. but NOT in her flesh. Her flesh will NEVER be perfect until the redemption of her body.

Perhaps you may think it’s sacrilegious to think that God was asking me to treat Him. Can we who are mortal with our fleshly ways not yet fully changed treat God? Just what is a treat? My son’s dog Ziggy sure knows!

I think of a treat as bringing something that’s a delight to one you love. Do we know that we are His joy? Do we know what delight it brings to Him when we, with a heart that adores Him and that wants to please Him, come to Him, not to get something, but because His presence is more wonderful, precious and desirous to us than anything or anyone on earth.

Our Father thinks and feels delight over EVERY ONE of His children… He doesn’t love me more than He does you. Some may please Him more by their faith and obedience, but His love for His children is the same for each of them.. I love my children and grandchildren equally, but my relationship with each one of them is different. They give me special joy by their very uniqueness.

The word “Ishi” that I heard in my tongues means “husband”… It is “the Spirit of God” Who is a husband to us that beckons us into His embrace… When we pray in tongues, it is by the Spirit we approach our Lord through His love language… We can “treat” Him and have Him “treat” us as we worship and adore Him expressing it from deep within ourselves in utterances that do not come from the mind.

Oh treat Him today, my brethren! Know how beautiful you are and how more than acceptable you are to Him. You truly are without spot and blemish! Oh yes, you are and He awaits you with open arms! Can you hear Him  saying: “Come! Come my Beloved. I yearn for you, my lovely Bride!”?

Treat Him NOW! Don’t hold back for any reason. I hear the Lord saying that we are about ready to be carried over the “threshold.”

The definition of a “threshold is: “a point of entry or beginning”….”the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or be manifested.”

Oh my! Oh my Katy! You are truly in for the treat of your life!!

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