The End of Vanity

None in the city of “The Downtrodden” were ready to receive what the Father in Heaven had prepared for them, except for one whose name was “Vanity.” She hated her name, and try as she might, in no way could she change it. Deep down she knew that vanity was the reason that she was downtrodden and was forced to live in the city of all who were vain.

Oh how she needed a new nature! She didn’t know that that was her deepest desire, but she did know that she wanted her name to be changed. In desperation, she called out to “God Above”, the only God who could help her, …. not the many other gods that the citizens in the city of “The Downtrodden” worshipped. When she screamed “God help me!” with all her might, “The Most High God”’s presence was made known to her. “Prepare your heart and get ready to receive… EXPECT change…. EXPECT to be given your heart’s desire,” He thundered, gently touching her heart with His finger of “Deliverance.” Rays of glorious light beamed on her as He ascended back into the heavens.

This One becoming her personal “Savior”, assigned a rabbit named “Intimidated” to speak to her and to open her eyes to see the nature of her idol… Every man’s heart in the city of “The Downtrodden” was full of idols and in order for the heart to become prepared, the idols had to be exposed one by one until finally, the biggest one could be destroyed.

The rabbit hopped with a limp and because he was commissioned and empowered from on High, he was able to overcome his inherent fear that he would say or do the wrong thing. As he stood before her, he boldly spoke: “Look at me! I am a representation of what you must overcome: You are being given power as a gift to no longer care what others think and say about you. You have been intimated far too long trying to conform to the world and to the wishes and judgments of others. I have this limp because I have done this, but God has turned my limp into something good now: It is a reminder to me not to depend upon myself, but upon God when I am faced with fear.

Know that I am one of God’s many messengers who will be sent to you in order for you to see your heart. Without vision of what’s in it, you would remain in the city of “The Downtrodden” all your days. Truly, you would perish, but because you called out to the only One who could help you, your blind eyes have become opened so you can see how vanity and all the cares of this life have been your downfall.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the rabbit vanished, for the words that were spoken by him had done their job… Life through his words had been imparted to this little one to do what he said and vanity and intimidation were soon to be overcome by her.

“Wow! I feel so different!”, “Vanity” said to herself, touching her eyes and wondering if she really saw and heard what she did.

Immediately, an owl came out of nowhere who could read her thoughts, saying: “No you didn’t see or hear anything! THAT was your imagination! I am “Man’s Wisdom” and you must listen to ME!”

“Vanity-Changing” shuddered. She had no peace and felt fear come as she listened to his words. Instantly a dove called “True Spirit” appeared and sat on her shoulder: “Never… NEVER listen to “Man’s Wisdom”, for whatever form in which it comes to you, it will lead you astray…Tell “Man’s Wisdom” to go now and he must obey you because I am with you backing your words.”

“Changing-Vanity”’s voice was strong as she took authority over “Man’s Wisdom”: “Leave me!” she shouted… and he did.

Sunshine burst into her heart in that moment with the realization that she did have authority-… something she had been without for a very long time. “This authority” will always work as long as I am on your shoulder. I am ordained to stay with you and soon I shall not only be with you, but in you,” “True Spirit” whispered.

“Oh happy day!” “Changing-Heart” shouted, hardly able to contain her joy as she realized having a true spirit was an answer to her prayer for help. “A greater joy than this is coming for you when your heart is fully washed clean of its idols and all the altars raised to them are torn down,” “True Spirit” informed her in God’s wisdom.

And so it came to pass, all the self-seeking” idols were overcome and the biggest idol of all “Self”, who sat on the throne of her heart, was dethroned. The dethroning of “Self” was the very act that prepared her to received “The Gift.”

The loudest shofar then blew in Heaven proclaiming her victory and dancing angels descended as the Father’s arm was extended to the little one whose heart had been prepared. In His hand was the bottle of vintage wine made from all her tears. Just as Jesus had turned the water into wine in His first miracle, the Father turned His daughter’s bottled tears into wine. As she stretched her hand to receive it, something took place that was a secret no man could know… Those in the city of “The Downtrodden” could see “Vanity- No More Vanity” take the bottle out of the hand of the Father, but the veil over each of their hearts prevented them from seeing the significance of the moment.

Ah! The transfiguration was at hand and could be experienced only by those whose hearts had been prepared… only by those who overcame the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life: They were the ones who would know the “Secret” of transformation because the “Secret Place” was their dwelling. They were the ones who remembered and obeyed Him who said: “Eat my flesh and drink my blood.”

You who have eyes to see and ears to hear: Can you see “Silver Star”, no longer “Vanity” bearing the “White Mark” and drinking the wine of redemption made from her tears? Soon you’ll be joining her too, and together you will be the proclamation: “Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh” made known to the world.

Oh happy day, when all will drink of THIS wine‼️

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