The Dream

This is “The Dream”… not a dream personally given to me, but a dream given to another that applies to every one of us pressing on into a new stage of “being”…to everyone one of us entering into a new age within ourselves. Just as we passed from the age of the law to the age of truth and grace, now is the time to pass into the kingdom age from just seeing it to finally enter into full peace, joy and righteousness. We can not put new wine into old wineskins, can we? Each one in his own time and order goes from stage to stage and some (if God permits) go on into perfection.

I love this dream recorded by Maurice Nicoll in his book “The Mark”, an astounding writing full of deep revelations and wisdom: 

“Someone pushes me up a grass slope. There is a ditch. It is not wide but difficult to cross. The difficult-to-cross ditch at the top of the slope is full of the bones of prehistoric animals-  the remains of violent things, of beasts of prey, of monsters, of snakes. They go far down into this abyss. There is a plank to cross by, but the air seems full of restraining power, like the invisible influence of some powerful magnet; and this, with the fear of crossing this depth-  although the width is not wide-  holds me back. I cannot say for how long for there is no ordinary time in all this. Then I find myself across-  on the other side. What wonderful vision do I now behold? I see someone teaching or drilling some recruits. That is all. At first sight there seems nothing marvelous. He smiles. He indicates somehow that he does not necessarily expect to get any results from what he is doing. He does not seem to mind. He does not show any signs of impatience when they are rude to him. The lesson is nearly over, but this will not make any difference to him. It is as if he said, “Well, this has to be done. One cannot expect much. One must give them help, though they don’t want it.”

It is his invulnerableness that strikes me. He is not hurt or angered by their sneers or lack of discipline. He has some curious power but hardly uses it. I pass on marveling that he could do it. I could not take on such a thankless task. Eventually I come to a place, perhaps a shop, where boats are stored. Beyond is the sea.

The author then gives the understanding of the dream which I will condense in my own words: The message is about coming into a place of “no violence,” but first a gulf has to be crossed over… We have to move on from the old way of attacking and devouring that the prehistoric beasts represent (even the “man of war” in us.) This is about going in a new direction and gaining a new will purified from violence.

The recruits represent a people who could learn something EVENTUALLY. If you’re like me, it’s taken you a long time to understand that people (including ourselves) can not learn something until hearts are ready for the truth. Truth can never be forced on others, but oh how we have tried, eh? Only God can open people’s hearts and minds, so our part is to say and do what we are called to do by Him with love, patience and faith. Ah, to put “NO EXPECTATIONS” on others and to do all things unto God trusting Him and committing ourselves and others to Him will take a “quantum leap!”… a leap I finally can see myself doing in the Spirit.

We are to be like Solomon, not men of war like David in order that the recruits in this life will have true ones to be their examples… They can not be trained except that there are forerunners who have their lives ruled by God… ruled by peace. 

So tell me: Are there any prehistoric beasts like hatred, unforgiveness, division, jealousy, bitterness, resentment and more in your life that you need to get over? If you like Maurice Nicoll have crossed over, are you loving God by feeding His sheep patiently with love and faith? If so, know that all of the lost – the wicked and the tormented which the sea represents are waiting for you: Yay, All the world is moaning and groaning waiting for the perfected ones… the ones of peace and goodwill… even the nonviolent ones! See them coming and see yourself as one of them!

“I see YOU!” saith the Lord!

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