The Right Time

Before retiring last evening, I asked the Lord to give me a word and in the middle of the night I heard: “The Right Time!” and then “Quick, QUICK timing” came when I prayed in tongues this morning. I thought of Queen Ester and her being born for “such a time as this” and I believe that like her, we have “come to such a time as this” … a time to do wonders.

The following allegory was written just now:

“Patient” had a reach that no other had. It was because she had been faithful that God gave her an extended arm that could obtain for herself whatever she needed. How God loved his patient ones and rewarded them with favors not known to man. 

On a day of darkness and gloom, “Patient” stretched her arm farther than it had ever reached before and grabbed the brightest star… even the Northern star and put it into her mouth. Oh my! The heavens were in a whirl all around her and in her for with the coming and becoming that light, everything changed.

“Patient”’s eyes were the first to be affected by the “now become light within” as her own… Seeing always comes before the performance of great acts and “Patient” was about to do what was never been done before and those who were patient would do the same thing… even turn the world upside down. The Northern star always reduplicated itself whenever it was eaten, just like the Word and just like the fruit in Heaven does whenever it is plucked with another immediately appearing. “Patient” now through obtaining the star as her own had the power of “reduplication” given to her that was not the same as the practice of cloning which can produce no spirit with it.

Everything reduplicated by “Patient” would be done by the Spirit, be of the Spirit, and be known as “a wonder.”…. It was an established law in Heaven that wonders could only be performed by patient and courageous ones. The right time had come for “Patient” to have the mate she had longed for whose name was “Courageous.” He, too, had an extended arm- His was the left arm and hers was the right and together, only together, could the work they were ordained to do be accomplished. “Patient” had the same spirit that “Caleb” of old possessed and “Courageous” was like “Joshua”’s spirit. The two would bring a new generation into the promised land,… not a physical land, but a state of being that would cause the genes of the body to be changed…. even “regeneration.” As soon as “Courageous” partook of the star, the “Door of Immortality” could be seen opening.

“Did you hear the thunder? Did you see the lightning?” “Spirit” asked “Patient.”

“Yes, yes, I did!” “Patient” exclaimed, feeling the power of it shaking her body so violently that she didn’t think she could remain standing.

“Do you know what it means?” “Spirit” questioned, knowing she didn’t have the answer, but wanting her to ponder it. “Patient’s” eyes had been changed through the mighty occurrence and flashes of lightning were dashing out of them going in every direction.

“Your ability to see differently has come… The thunder and lightning are not just an announcement of it, but their powers are now in you and through the Spirit’s guidance, even my spirit, and the attendance of the Holy angels, you shall learn to use these powers to bring the whole world to its knees. People will know “The Living One” is in you and will come into repentance because of the work that you and “Courageous” shall do. You are more than His witnesses and you will shortly understand what I mean by these words.

What you and “Courageous” are to know now is that “The Door” has opened. In order for you to go through to the other side, you must walk in unity which is going to require more than all your strength of mind and heart. It will require obedience to the tiniest details. You will not be able to walk as you hitherto have done, for there are mines on the path and will be there hereon in. One step not directed by the “Heavenly Voice” within will be your demise… Immortality is the prize dear “Patient.”…. No one can walk through the door to the other side where mortality will be no more without complete obedience.”

“Patient” bore witness to the words and trembled because she knew that it wasn’t within her power to obey. Knowing her thoughts, “Spirit” let her feel His comforting presence” and fortified her saying: “It is good that you realize it is not in your power to do anything… Your power is to ask and believe. 

It is time… even “the right time” to do it now!”…. As He spoke these words, the heavenly clock in Heaven struck twelve: Indeed, it was the time!!”

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  1. My brother keeps talking about reading Esther a lot lately. My grandson came in as I was trying to call you. He is still here. I tried the cell anyway but I will try your home number hopefully tonight. God bless.




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