Fire in the House

In my dream last night, a rodent slipped into a house through an opening in the window. In the next scene a little child who was about two years old bent down to pick up a toy on the floor and the toy burst into flames of fire. A voice could be heard shouting “Oh no!”

Then the scene shifted to another person viewing that house with the fire in it from a window inside her home which was quite a distance away. Very strong winds were blowing on it (no fire could be seen, but was it there just beginning) and that person remarked confidently: “It’s the wind!”

I believe her remark shows that this was/is the Spirit’s doing. The house on fire is the church being judged in her childish state…. (the gift realm is represented by the toy the child reached for and by the child being around 2 years old (2 represents pentecost, not 3, the age of the resurrected state into fullness and maturity which is perfection.) I believe the dream is a confirmation that the church age is passing away and that the one in the house at a distance represents one who sees through eyes of the Kingdom age. Children are into “bless me… give me, give me, give me” thinking and that window of blessing with gifts for them is only for a season…Now a rat has come and if there isn’t quick growth into fully laying down one’s life, it’s surely going to be “Oh no!” for many. 

These are some of my thoughts to consider about the rodent: In February I heard the word “laboratory” and was given a vision of a laboratory and poison was being funnelled into a rat. At the time I took it to mean that the coronavirus was a man made one… even biological warfare at work. I not only smelled a rat, but God let me see it in the Spirit. 

The woman whose view was from a distance knew that this was God’s strong wind… that it was/is God’s doing just like when He used the evil committed by Joseph’s brothers’ against him for good in the end. 

The word “neurological warfare” also came this morning. There is no doubt that people’s nerves have been affected by the fear that this virus has brought with it and possibly the virus itself and it looks like even more is coming that the populations of this world will go through due to such ungodly warfare. 

How grateful I am that those of us who worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth can depend on Him for our safety. Truly, “No weapon formed against us shall prosper” (Isaiah 54: 17) and “No plague shall come nigh our dwelling.” (Psalm 91: 10)

To accompany this writing, the Spirit of the Lord just now inspired the following allegory which I hope will bless and encourage you.

“Shortchanged” had been short changed all her life, and even before her birth because her conception came about by her father trying to use her to dodge the draft. Her worth was not recognized by this one whose name was “Ludacris.” He used everyone in his life for self-gain so it was impossible for his daughter not to be shortchanged. It’s a father’s role to nurture confidence and self-worth in his child which he could not do because he never had it himself. With a given name like “Ludicrous”, what chance did he have in becoming a good father? All he had to give was ludicrous.

This however, is not a story about him, but about his abandoned, scarred daughter who never received what was intended for her in life. Her entire family lineage had skewed eyes and without being able to see with understanding, “Shortchanged” just took what came to her not realizing she was slated for so much more that was written in the divine scroll of Heaven…. the Book of Life.

But “Shortchanged” would come to know that her earthly life of being shortchanged was nothing but a cocoon out of which she would emerge victoriously at the appointed time when she would realize her authority and stand up for what was rightfully hers.

One last finishing touch was on the horizon: “Call forth the things that are not as though they were!” “The Voice” declared. “You are not who you think you are-… a deprived cast away. You are the blessed daughter of the Most High God… a reconciler of everything and everyone out of order… even your own thoughts. “Order “order” and you will find yourself among the priests and kings of the Melchizedek Order doing unprecedented mighty endeavors!”

Laughter came joyously bubbling up from her innermost being… “Yay, yay, yay!! I call forth perfect timing… I call forth the riches of Heaven to manifest through me to all of creation! I call forth “Abundant Life” as my new name in the mighty name of Yahushua for His glory… for His sake.”

As she spoke these words, a great rumbling took place within her as her pineal gland heard the bells of holiness in her voice causing it to activate. The earth shook under her feet and her Father asked: “Do you know what this is?”, but before she could reply, in what sounded like a boom, “The Father” announced to all who heard His voice in “The Secret Place”: “THIS is the transfiguration of my beautiful daughter, the bride of Christ.”

With tears streaming down her face that became crystal-clear rivers flowing to the dry places of the earth, “Abundant Life” took her place among the others who were ready to “stand up in who they were destined to be… even shortchanged no more!! All of them were “Life Savers” called by the same name having bright shining faces as the sun and dressed in glorious white apparel.

You who hear God’s voice: Behold “Abundant Life” now and you also will receive the prize of the High Calling! All glory be to God!

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