Coming Through

I heard the English words “bride comin’ on through” in my tongues this morning and the thought came that she was coming through the veil to victory. Jesus moved through the crowds untouched by them and so will this one. 

I have never forgotten an amazing testimony I heard long ago that the Spirit of the Lord  confirmed with a mighty witness in me: A family had attended a  David Herzog meeting  filled with the presence of God and had been worshiping for several hours before they left to go home. When they were in their car coming through an intersection where they had the right of way, a truck came barreling down on them at a high, high speed and there was no way to get out of its path. That truck went right through them, but their car and they, very, VERY shaken remained  perfectly intact. 

Oh yes, people of God:…. No matter what our circumstances are, we are coming on through!! One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the one about Ziklag: Can you imagine everything gone and people who supported you, loved you, and stayed with you ready to kill you? Ah holy David, what an inspiration he was/is to us. We can make it through… we can, we can, WE CAN because the victory is already ours. 

Believe it!!

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  1. In a church I previously attended, I knew two older women who this very thing happened. The two of them were riding in the car together when a car coming from some distance behind them was quickly approaching – swerving all over the road. The driver was obviously impaired and driving way past the speed limit.

    All they had time to do was cry out to God. Suddenly, they “saw” that car and driver come through them and their car, with the very last thing being it’s tail lights as it exited through the dashboard!!!

    I thank our Lord for this encouraging word! Our God is Mighty and has a strong outstretched Arm ready to SAVE!


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