Oh My Stars

Don’t you feel like you’re going on an amazing treasure hunt when the Lord conceals His nuggets of truth in the words He gives you and then says: “Go find out what they mean”? I don’t think there’s anything better in life than His presence, His words and the revelations of them…. And then, when they all come together: “Whoo whee!”

“Star Trek” was the first word that God gave me to search out this morning. I wonder how many of us realize that we are indeed on a trek into the realms of the heavens and only God knows where else. Webster’s dictionary defines a trek as “a trip or movement, especially involving difficulties and complex organization; an arduous journey”…. I believe that a new spiritual  constellation (a complex organization) is being formed out of the daystars arising in us as us. Truly, when the daystar arises fully in each of us and after we are drawn together, the kingdom stars will shine corporately to bring in a new age. Hallelujah! Oh for the moment when the decree: “A star is born!” is announced for each of us! 

I felt to look up “Star Trek” online and shouted with delight when I saw the types and shadows it portrayed of our spiritual journey. Look now at the names in the TV series that show our spiritual progression: The Cage, Where No Man Has Gone Before, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery, Short Treks, The Lower Decks (reaching down low to pluck some out of the fire), Prodigy, and Strange New Worlds (interesting that Siri misinterpreted the word “strange” as “trance” here).The names given to the Podcasts: “The Pod Directive”, “Memory Alpha” and “Coming of Age” also convey wonderful truths to us. What a story!.

Let’s begin with the first name: “The Cage” and see the birds in a vision I had long ago which were in a cage representing the spirits of rejection within that were bound but not yet dealt with. I believe that none of us can be free until the root of rejection is removed and all the  “rejection spirits” (the birds) that came with it. Truly, we are fully “ACCEPTED IN THE BELOVED”, but I can not tell you how many Christians I have known throughout the years who loved and served the Lord faithfully, but who had not come into acceptance of themselves. I too, had been one of them. While it is true that none of us are worthy in ourselves, we are worthy through the shed blood of the Lamb, and because of our Lord’s sacrifice, we are as though we have NEVER sinned. Do we see ourselves and others in Christ like this?

If so, we shall be part of “The Next Generation”… even the REGENERATION. Hallelujah! I see the “Deep Space Nine” as the nine spiritual fruits (collectively the Fruit of the Spirit) bringing us into the depth of God and deep places within our innermost being. It is love working by faith that will fill the dark spaces with glory. Yay! We will have  voyages, enterprises, discoveries,  “trances”, visitations” and God knows how much more. I wonder: Will we change forms like God did appearing like a burning bush, an angel and in an unrecognizable human form as He did on the Emmaus walk? This was only a question, not a doctrine written in stone. God has been telling us to think beyond the box and as you can see, I am doing it. 

I want you to look with me now past the names of TV series and discover what the revelations are in the names of the Podcasts (the chosen seed/cast… stellar performers.) The first one, “The Pod Directive,” suggests that those who have grown up into the head will be given a directive from headquarters that will bring the change needed for their “Coming of Age.” The edict will activate the pineal gland in the brain which will bring about the transfiguration/transformation of the body.  When I saw the title “Memory Alpha” as one of the podcasts, my mind was like a winning jackpot with the sounds of jangling coins and bells resounding everywhere throughout my body.

Our Lord instructed us to eat the bread of communion and to do it in REMEMBRANCE of Him. Oh that our memory is restored… that we see ourselves as the members of HIS body remembered together, thinking and being as ONE!! It is the word and the person “Alpha” (the One Who IS The Beginning) is Who unites us to the Melchizedek Order Priesthood. When “alpha” is placed before a word it negates it or makes it just the opposite of the original: With this thought in mind take a look at Hebrews 7:3: Melchisedek was “without (alpha) father, without (alpha) mother, without (alpha) dissent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually.”

Yes, it is true that you and I have had mothers, fathers and descent, but the alpha negates our earthly ties and changes our genes. “Helium-Bride” has been continually in my tongues these last several months and I learned through Norene Nicholls’ writings on the Melchizedek Priesthood that helium is the Greek word used in the transfiguration of Yahushua. It “is a very light substance lighter than air which means it will defy gravity. As the Alpha rays prefix our natural heritage or our father, the body is lightened making supernatural transportation possible… the prefixing of Alpha makes us A NEW GENERATION OF BEINGS.” http://sigler.org/NoreneNicholls/Melchisedec_17.pdf

Truly, the directive has been given to the Elect and we are rising. The die is CAST!!


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