Priests Coming With Mighty Endeavors

I asked the Lord for a word to be given to me before going to bed last evening and during the middle of the night, I heard the word “priests” and then shortly after, the words “mighty endeavors.”

As is my custom, I looked up the etymology of the word “endeavor” because I usually find extra details in doing this which provide a wider scope of understanding. This was no exception: The etymology of endeavor is: “pains taken to attain an object”… literally “in duty”… “make it one’s duty.”… “one’s endeavors means “one’s UTMOST efforts.” WOW, eh?

No wonder the Melchizidek priesthood is a priesthood of kings and priests, as power, might and light comes first through prayers. Indeed, must fully know the mind and will of God before we can decree a thing and have it established. In my last post I wrote about the Lord asking me: “Who are you?” and since then, many more thoughts have come concerning who we are. One of the most profound ones is that we are priests and kings and that if we fulfill the high calling of God in our lives, we will be the priests and kings of the Melchizedek Order. Ah my brethren…. It was not the Arronic priesthood that could give the bread and wine (healing and forgiveness) to a dying world. It is the priesthood that knows God as the Most High God (El Elyon) who rules in the affairs of men.

Do we really believe that God is in charge when we see wickedness seemingly in control and growing more so in the day we’re in? Do we believe the word in Isaiah 45: 7 that says: “I form the light and create darkness. I make peace and I create EVIL. I, the Lord, do all these things.”? If we don’t know this, we will be in great darkness of understanding.  “Creation’s Jubilee”, a book by by Dr. Stephen Jones, that you can read on  https://godskingdom.org/studies/books/creations-jubilee supplied a breakthrough understanding for me many years ago: He explained that God takes full liability for all the evil done,.. that He is just and righteous in creating evil because He uses it for good…. and that power (dunamis) belongs to God, while authority (exousia), here on this earth plane belongs to man.

My eyes were opened wide by his pointing out that two other Greek words written as “will” in the Bible have distinct differences: “Thelema” is God’s Will (desire) and “boulema” is God’s overall Plan, or blueprint for history. Since most of us have not known the distinction between these two words, few have come to see the good in God’s plan behind the evil done in this world. Without knowing this, it is difficult to trust God.. One might conclude that the devil has the upperhand, which he does not… God said: “I have created the waster to destroy.” Isaiah 54:16 and could anything be more clear than “The devil was a murderer from the BEGINNING”? 1 John 3: 8 The devil was not an angel named lucifer who rebelled against God like we’ve erroneously been taught, but it is not my purpose in this writing to delve into this subject. I have brought it to your attention for you to know of a certainty that God rules in our affairs and that the activities of Satan, demons and sinners are all used in God’s boulema plan for GOOD in the end. You have only to read the story of Joseph to realize this.

So let’s get back to the words “priests” and “mighty endeavors”… Truly, we are fixing to do great exploits and it shall come from knowing who we are in Christ… in believing God hears our prayers and that our decrees are backed by His dunamis power.

In praying this afternoon with another believer, the Lord told us that He wanted us to be His “commanders”… My mind went to our being commanders over ourselves, over situations, over demons and all the works of the enemy. We are to stand strong in the knowledge that we’ve been given this authority and power of the Lord, God said that it’s by His Spirit through the mouths of dedicated priests and kings that He will accomplish these mighty endeavors.

So who is there now among us who will exercise power and authority to turn evil into good and shake this world upside down. Is that YOU?

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