Who Are You?

I was born in a place called Port Chester in the “United Hospital.”. Imagine my surprise when two nights ago in my half-sleep, I heard the word: “Port Chester Bride.” This morning, the Lord posed this question to me: “Who are you?!” and then the word “laboratory” came along with a vision of me dissecting a body. So I intend to do a little dissecting now of the spiritual body of who we are:

The figurative sense of the word “port” is “a place, position or condition or a refuge.” Many other meanings in its etymology are: “harbor, haven, asylum, passage, a house, a warehouse and more.” Can you see how one of the things we are is a port?

“Chester” means “fortress, walled town, a camp of soldiers, fort, and city of the legions.” In my post “Blessed by Melana”, I wrote about the name “Melana” being a tower… Truly, a tower/fortress (Chester) is who we are… ones who will take the first dominion.  In searching out Chester’s etymology, I found it interesting that it indirectly led to “goddess”, and “holy one.” Yes, gods and holy ones are who we are, too. Can you hear our Lord stating to the people and now affirming to us: “You are gods!”?

Now let’s connect some more dissected dots in the body of thoughts: I believe that my birth place and your birth place have relevance to who we are. Concerning mine, besides the name meaning of the two words, there is something else to be understood: In “The Gospel According To Saint Thomas” 84: 12-17, it is written: “The disciples said to Jesus: ‘Tell us how our end will be”. Jesus said: “Have you then discovered the beginning so that you inquire about the end? For where the beginning is, there shall be the end. Blessed is he who shall stand at the beginning, and he shall know the end and he shall not taste death.”

Each one of our beginnings on this earth has a story to tell, but we had a beginning before we ever came to this earth. Truly, we are spiritual beings having existed before we ever came into our mortal bodies. We are the Sons Of God who shouted for joy and the Daystars who sang when we witnessed the formation of the material world. Hallelujah! Indeed, our end will be where our beginning was. 

In “The Gospel According To Thomas” 84: 22- 25, it is also written: “For you have five trees in paradise, which are unmoved in the summer or in winter and their leaves do not fall. Whoever knows them will not taste death.” I shall not be writing on the five trees at this time, as all of them have not been revealed to me yet. I have added this verse to wet your appetite and also with the hope that it can be discussed at some point with you with each one having input… Connecting input is what God intends for us because no one knows it all. It’s exciting, even more than exciting to search for the keys of knowledge that will set us free: It’s LIFE! Are you ready to do more dissecting of the body with me? I can hear some of you saying: “I’m not up to dissecting a cadaver!” If doctors didn’t dissect cadavers, where would we be? They eventually work on live bodies, and likewise, so do we with live thoughts. To dissect means “to separate the distinct parts point by point for examining.”

So listen to what my beginning in the “United Hospital” has to relay about OUR beginning: UNITED!- There is no better word than this one!! Union with God and union with each other is the key to EVERYTHING.. especially.to the abundant life our Lord has  promised us.

So when all the parts are fully unified, “The Chester Bride” will be revealed in all her beauty, excellence and glory. She (you and I together) is the reason for our individual existence. Today the Lord told me the specific body part that I am in the body of Christ. All things are ours and every cell has everything that the other cells have, but because of where we are placed in the body, we function differently. Some of us may be tempted to want to be a part of the heart, liver, mouth, eye or some other part that seems to be esteemed more highly than the others. Ah, my brethren… We are all needed to be the part God designed us to be. When God asks each one of us: “Who are you?”, none of us is going to answer that we are a specific body part. Do you believe Jesus’ word to us: “You are Gods?” I hope so, because that’s who you are. Your identity is not a dead man, but a new man who is “Love”… who is “Life”… who is “Christ”…. who is God! The world is not waiting for cadavers, but for those that are alive in Christ who know who they are… even His “Port Chester Bride”!

“I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I, but CHRIST lives in me…” Galatians 2: 20

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