Blood Bought Jewels

The first thing in the morning I heard these words from the Lord “Do not worry about anything!” and then a vision came of me in a beautiful gown dancing, whirling and whirling around a dance floor in the arms of the Lord. Full  of joy, I tumbled on top of him landing on the ground where we turned over and over and over again.

I knew from that vision that getting in step with the lord would bring joy and the turnaround I needed.

I have no doubt that most of us, if not all of us, have situations which would cause us to have great worry,  if not tremendous fear. Yes, sad to say,  there have been times in my life when I forgot the Word of God: “Be anxious for NOTHING!” and here our faithful God was reiterating it directly to me, and not only that, but as you know from my last post, He also gave me the word “shielded”. Oh yes! He’s got us covered… COMPLETELY covered. Do we believe it?!

It’s finally registering with me that we do have ALL power over the works of the enemy. I don’t know about you, but I’ve often lived like a pauper… I don’t mean  financially, but mentally with many automatic thoughts that have dominated my mind in the “I can’t” department.

I have a huge grin on my face right now because bondage is dropping off me. I think of the story of the baby elephant tied with chains to a post tugging  and tugging and tugging until he finally gave up. Yes, it was impossible for him to break loose when he was a baby, but NOT after he had grown up. Some of us are grown up now and it’s going to take one little tug… One command in the name of Jesus! Hallelujah!

Little did I know when I heard the Lord say: “Get yourself in shape today Michele!” that I was going to get set free in an area that’s bound me all my life. I wrote in my  post “Getting Set Free” that I had been given a dream long ago which revealed that “rejection” had to be overcome before healing could manifest in my body. While listening to a deliverance video by Audrey Mack, she commanded the root of rejection to be pulled out and in that second, I had manifestations of many demons coming out of me. Whew! I give God praise with a heart full of thanksgiving

To all of you who were abandoned, mistreated, rejected or cursed by your parents and consequently wounded in your relationships throughout your life, your day is at hand!! Your day of reacting to others out of your wounded  heart is coming to an end. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! He came to heal the broken heart and to set captives free and I’m a captive NO MORE by rejection!

While praying with a faithful friend, a vision came that I purpose not to forget. Whatever words and visions that God gives are not just for me, but for every one who is pressing into the kingdom offering their bodies as a living sacrifice, so receive this one for you now: I envisioned my blood traveling through my body and when I saw it reach the palm of my right hand, all manner of jewels appeared in it. I had just taken communion and was very much aware that LIFE is in my blood! LIFE is in yours… We have the DNA of the Lord in us and its value is greater than anything that exists on this earth.

The palm of the hand represents righteous (palm) doing (hand.) This is the time that our God is more than blessing the work of our hands… He’s transforming everything we touch… Yay! The sons of sorrow are now manifesting as the sons of His right hand.

You who earnestly desire the treasures that are eternal: Know that the blood, the Word of your testimony and not loving your life to the death will transform your hand into God’s hand and you can have them. NOTHING shall be impossible to you!

Work that hand my brethren! Bring forth all your (His) heart’s desire!… The world is waiting for the true treasures of God through the ones who have surrendered ALL!!

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